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Kaylah Symes

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Kaylah Symes

Hunter Valley, NSW
0409 679 688

We take the stress away, so you can sit back and enjoy the day!

My name is Kaylah Symes and I am currently living and working as an Event & Wedding Planner in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, Australia. Although based in the Hunter Valley I am willing to coordinate weddings and or functions outside of this area, ranging anywhere from Sydney through to the Sunshine Coast (QLD), and even overseas! I love building a personal relationship with my clients as I find it helps me gain a better understanding of what they want for their wedding / event.

Throughout the past few years I have attended a the weddings of a few Friends & Family members. Out of all these weddings my 3 Favourite Weddings were a golf course wedding on the Sunshine Coast, a vineyard wedding in the Hunter Valley & a beach wedding in Fiji. These 3 weddings all seemed to come together smoothly and were all planned by Professional Wedding Planners, which has definitely persuaded my decision to become a Wedding & Event Planner. I love every aspect of planning a wedding as well as seeing it all come together on the Big Day as well as the satisfaction of knowing that I have just put together one of the most memorable moments in the couples lives!


I offer a range of services from a single consultation all the way up to a total planning and coordination package! Below are the most popular packages I have to offer and a brief outline of what they include.

Proposal Package - A simple package tailored to the individual gentleman's needs. This package can be as simple as planning the romantic moment when he pops the question, or large as assistance in purchasing the engagement ring, planning a secret photographer and the magical moment, no matter how elaborate!

Single Consultation - A single meeting with myself where you are able to ask as many questions as you like about planning an event or wedding. I also provide you with a starting DIY pack with information on budgeting, timeframes, and essential components to help you get on your feet.

Event Planning - This package allows you to choose the amount of assistance you require to plan your wedding or event! If you feel as if you need more than just the single consultation, but not as much as the total package then this is the package for you! You can custom make this package to tailor exactly what you need assistance in planning, and what aspects you can do yourself.

Wedding Coordination - The Wedding Coordination package is one step down from the Total Package. In this package i can plan the entire wedding for you however this package does not include my assistance on the big day.

Event Coordination - This package is designed exclusively for event functions. In this package I plan the entire function for you (meeting your every request), as well as assist and ensure that the everything runs smoothly on the day of the event!

The Total Package - The Total Package is inclusive of everything needed to plan your wedding day! Everything from arranging the flowers, to organising bridal fittings, arranging accommodation, all the way down to each individual place card on the table! We make sure nothing is forgotten and we also assist on the day to ensure that everything is running as smoothly as possible.

For more information or to book a consultation please do not hesitate to contact me!