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Ruth Jean-Louis

event planner, wedding planner

Ruth Jean-Louis


A Memory That Last 4ever

We are Un4gettable Events.

Un4gettable Events is a home based business where meetings are conducted in social settings such as restaurants, coffee shops, in the client’s home or over the phone. By making our expertise and products available to help our customers plan their events from start to finish, Un4gettable Events aims to be the number one resource for any event in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Un4gettable Events strive to be the best choice for clients by easing their burden through consistent service at a reasonable price. Ensuring our clients receive the individual attention they deserve by utilizing the latest technology in a world that is always changing, to provide the highest level of event planning is the vision and daily mission of Un4gettable Events.

I attended the Clement Howell High School where I graduated in 2012. After finishing high school, I went into the Hospitality Industry where I worked at the Seven Stars Resort. At Seven Stars Resort, I worked at the Deck Restaurant. The Deck catered many events, from weddings to birthday parties to anniversaries, corporate retreats etc. This is where I developed a love for planning.

Prior to that I use to help plan school events and events held at the Edward C Gartland Youth Center where I was a Youth Leader, Chairperson for YID, Vice-president for a Girls Club and also a tutor. I enjoyed helping plan the events nut the best part is the satisfaction I get when the event is a success.
Currently I am a student at the QC Event School studying Event and Wedding Planning.


Some of the events we plan are: Meetings, Trainings, Retreats, Conferences, Workshops, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Holidays, Weddings, Receptions, Showers, Banquet and more.

We offer three (4) different levels of service: Consultation, Full planning, Half planning and Day of coordination.

1. A consultation for event or wedding planning involves sitting down with you and, for a fee, discussing the details and goals of the specific event. You will be charged for the consultation if this is the only service we will supply.

2. A planning and preparation package starts with a consultation. Then, when we are hired, we follow through by finding you the vendors and services you need for your event or wedding. We’ll also coordinate all the details of the event, right up to the day before it takes place, to make sure everything goes without a hitch.

3. Day-of coordination services apply to any events, weddings, parties, activities, or ceremonies you want us to oversee the day they’re held. We will be there to give directions, problem-solve, and be available whenever and for whatever we’re needed.

4. Complete planning services include planning the entire event or wedding and any other related activities. We personally oversee and coordinate all of the activities on the day(s) they are being held. We will also help with any post-event tasks.