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Jessica Richards

color consultant, green designer, home stager, interior decorator, interior redesigner, professional organizer

Jessica Richards

Ottawa, ON

My passion for design started when I was just a kid. Whether I was ‘tattooing’ myself with washable markers or reorganising the furniture of my My Little Pony Dance School everything needed to have a structure and order. As I grew-up I was fascinated by storage and neurotic about organization. Somehow organisation has mixed up with the wonder and sparkle of childhood to create the style by which I live and design.

I made the decision to leave my government career and establish a business doing something that I am truly passionate about. This is where FourthWall Interiors comes into play.

I now play with making the old look new. Refurbishing furniture pieces from by-gone eras and incorporating antiques into modern spaces. Creating vignettes from curios and things found in nature. Not to mention a penchant for knitting.

Fun Facts

There are two things any home should have:
A thick, soft and warm knitted blanket
A vignette that anyone can look at and learn something about you
I always look to the moon for inspiration.
There is a difference between a unicorn and a pegasus
Porcelain tea cups have innumerable us


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