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Sherie Lucas

makeup artist

Sherie Lucas

Sydney, NSW

Beauty is more than just skin deep, it exudes out from within.

My name is Sherie Lucas. I am a young and talented freelance makeup artist in training. I am expanding my skills each and everyday by constantly keeping an open mind into what I can learn. I love experimenting and I get a thrill out of making someone feel beautiful after an enjoyable makeup application session.

I am gaining experience applying makeup on other people and I have been practicing on myself for years! I recently started a youtube channel dedicated to beauty related things such as reviews, tutorials and much more! My channel also shows different sides to me but the videos are mostly beauty related. I am about to upload a video on my youtube channel on the makeup I performed on myself in Unit B Assignment 9: Completing a Client Card. This assignment needed me to do a natural look so that is what I did, I filmed it and hopefully it helps someone. I also made sure I applied the skills I have learned so far in the educational videos that have been provided with the course. The videos are also a way of me seeing how my makeup application skills develop over the years.


I am a freelance makeup artist in training. I know how to do a good natural complete makeup look as can be seen on my youtube channel (links are below). I am confident in my skills and I am constantly thriving to learn more and produce the best looks possible for my clients.

I am always on the look out on new things to try makeup wise. I am constantly keeping on trend. When I am not studying or applying makeup, you can usually find me behind a computer screen watching countless amounts of videos on new makeup tips and tricks.

I am extremely reliable and stick to my word. I am always on the look out for more work and love sharing pictures on here of my works which can be found on my gallery page.