Shannon Bissett

interior decorator

Shannon Bissett
Colorado Springs, CO

Eager and motivated design student ready to help bring your ideas to life.

Hi. My name is Shannon and I am currently a design student through QC Career School, Ontario, Canada. I'm returning to design after leaving to have a family and be a homemaker. I have a love of design and all things color and comfort. I believe function can live harmoniously with form and that everyone has a distinct style that suits their needs. I believe magic can be made with any budget and every space has its own potential. My goal is to help my clients realize their dreams and the potential of their spaces.

I am a 30 "something" mother of 2 and former military spouse. I've lived in different countries, moved a household 6 times, and brought the best of myself to each home. My time as a military spouse has taught me to think creatively and "outside the box" and to use what I had at my disposal to create and re-invent the idea of "home" every time it changed. Due to life circumstances, I was unable to finish a bachelors degree in design so I'm going back to school. I feel at my age, a long and drawn out degree is unnecessary because I've gained a lot of life experience in the 15 years since I was in college. I feel my time and energy would be better spent actually using the experience I've gained in design and organization in a more "real world" setting so I've chosen a certification program that will give me the necessary training while gaining experience and building a portfolio.


I offer full design services to include; color consultation, space planning, re-purposing of space and material, home organization, and idea boards/floor plans. I can work with new spaces or existing spaces and within a variety of budgetary and time considerations.