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Highly Bold Interiors

Shirley Owusu

color consultant, home stager, interior decorator, interior redesigner

Shirley Owusu

Brampton, ON

Every interior space deserves to be well dressed.

Shirley Tonto is the Interior Decorator that represents the brand Highly Bold Interiors. She is a Greater Toronto Area based interior decorator that has been gaining a recent buzz for her use and love for gold metals. Her love for statement wall-coverings, unique furniture selection and bold decor accent pieces will always leave her clients space place value and emphasis on the belief that home is truly where the heart is, so our clients will always have a dream home reveal.

Here at Highly Bold Interiors, the word integrity is the foundation of our business practice. We pride ourselves in offering every client a quality experience from start to finish. Our leading objective is to provide the luxury finish look that will have all our clients eager to invite guests into their home.

Our true self-gratitude is only accomplished when we provide a quality-based experience for each client, no matter how big or how small the design project is considered. We create fresh new spaces by working with our clients to accomplish their desired style needs. Our mission is to always achieve and exceed our client’s vision.

All her life, she has had a passion for the world of design, but it became more apparent as she helped design the spaces of friends and colleagues. Interior design has always been her lifelong passion, but was advised to pursue another career in the business or health sector. This led her to complete her post-secondary education in business and later worked as a financial advisor. Although, she can attest that her career path in the financial sector has contributed greatly towards her ability to communicate effectively and execute efficiently based on client needs.

Years later, she decided to follow her heart by revisiting her true passion and she hasn’t looked back since. Shirley Tonto is a Design School Graduate with certification as a Registered Interior Decor Professional. She also comes with an extra bonus specialty; gifted painting hands. She also creates unique abstract paintings that her clients can choose to incorporate in their space to further complement the overall appearance. She continuously strives for growth and is currently working on an AutoCAD course to better deliver client satisfaction.



Interior Decorating:
This service is intended for the client that wishes to obtain a total transformation of their space. This includes a wide array of services that includes wall treatments, furniture placement, exclusive decor/furniture shopping and hiring trained craftsman to complete the design project. As an interior decorator my purpose is to take care of enhancing all aspects of the space that include color, lighting, textures, furniture to create unity and harmony for a sense of wholeness.

There are various interior design styles that can be overwhelming or not properly executed without the help of a professional. Some of these interior design styles include: Traditional Interior Style, Modern Interior Style, Contemporary Home Decor Style, Transitional Interior Design, Mid-century Design Style, Eclectic Design Style and many more. Let us take away your stress and anxiety. We will help you see the full potential of your home in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

Our full design process includes 5 magic steps:
1. Needs Analysis
2. In-home consultation
3. Full Design Plan
4. Project Purchases
5. Project Execution

Quick 2-Day Transformation Interior Decorating:
This service is intended for the client that wishes to obtain a mini makeover of their space. This is a popular option for clients that require a quick change of space for possible unexpected visiting guests. The clients space will be decorated with existing furniture pieces and other large items within the home. There will be small purchases that include decorative pillows and other small decor items that will give the space a feel of newness. The first day of the transformation will consists of a consultation and furniture layout arrangement. The second day will consist of the final installation and reveal.

Commercial Interior Decorating:
This service is intended for the business owner that wishes to obtain a total transformation of their place of business. It is essential that every business brand has a proper correlation with their place of business. Many business owners fail to realize that creating a space where customers can come and feel excited will benefit the long-term growth of their business. Our society today, is highly driven on social media; why not give your space a splash of freshness for customers to take pictures and assist with your business marketing. It has been proven that customers are willing to spend more in an atmosphere that is visually intriguing.

Our commercial interior decorating services will include furniture layout plan, furniture choices, lighting selection, color choices, wall treatments and bold decorative decor pieces. Set your business apart from the competition and let us be apart of your commercial design experience.

Property Staging:
This service is best commonly used by real estate agents for either a residence or commercial space. Here, at Highly Bold interiors we understand that the housing market isn’t always selling as quickly as needed. Our home and commercial staging services can help you obtain more attention to your listed properties quickly.

Why hire a stager?
• To lessen the load of the agent
• Create more buzz around the property listing
• To help clients better visualize the space
• The property speaks for itself vs extreme costly advertising
• Staged properties have a track record of selling quickly

Vacant Staging
This service refers to a listed property that is completely empty without any residents. Full vacant staging is a commonly used service to obtain the necessary attention that will help get the property sold quickly. Vacant properties can be challenging to sell, as an empty home limits the buyers from visualizing the full possibilities of the space. It is crucial to turn the property into a space that is inviting, but mostly one that feels like a home. A potential home buyer must build an attachment to a property in order for a possible sale to take place. Our primary goal is to turn your property into a marketable showcase that will appeal to potential homebuyers; in order to stand apart from market competition. This service is provided for up to five major rooms. Let us create that warm and inviting feel that your listed property stands in need of.

Vacant Staging Process:

1. Needs Analysis (Phone consultation)
2. In-home consultation (timeframe, pricing, measurements, rental options, contracts & additional required services)
3. Full Vacant Staging Design Plan
4. Secure Project Rentals
5. Project Execution (Staging day coordination)
6. Project Conclusion (Staged removal coordination)

*Hired movers is an additional cost

Occupied Staging
This service refers to a listed property that be used for a listed property that is occupied by the homeowner. This service is intended to dispose of clutter, incorporate vibrant new decorative pieces and renew the overall space. We understand the stress aspect of selling a home, especially one with a specified target date. We will design a new furniture layout, incorporate new visually pleasing items and eliminate unwanted items that take away from the space. Our main objective is to create a visually pleasing staging solution that will sell the property sooner rather than later. Let us give your space the total transformation it needs to build excitement and attract potential buyers.

Occupied Staging Process:

1. Needs Analysis
2. In-home consultation
3. Full Occupied Staging Design Plan
4. Project Purchases
5. Project Execution

Color Consulting:
This service is intended to further understand our client’s preferences and allow the magic of color to create full transformations. The client will better understand how undertones can affect color choices, as well as colors that can better enhance the atmosphere of different spaces.

Color is the most powerful channel of communication in any space. It is used to influence moods, emotions and influence physiological responses. Color consultations are extremely important when working towards the creation of room aura in a space. Hiring a professional can help the client accomplish their desired feelings of true happiness and satisfaction.

Interior Redesign:
This service is intended for clients with homes that will work within their current home furniture and decor items. Our service is ideal for individuals that simply want a new layout of their space and don't require our full interior decorating service at this time. There will be a few new added pieced on a minimum scope to create a fresh new ambience.

What is the purpose of interior redesign?
The interior design service helps the client discover the best possible layout for the space.

Interior Redesign Process:

1. Needs Analysis
2. In-home consultation
3. Full Interior Redesign Plan
4. Small Project Purchases
5. Total Space Rearrangement

A consultation can either be scheduled for in-person or over the phone interaction. The first phone consultation is free. Every full design or staging project will be first initiated with a 90-minute consultation. The consultation will include the full design process to give the client an understanding of floorplans, color schemes and other key design concepts to further enhance the design project. Shirley Tonto gets to know her clients by asking key questions that allows her to conduct a proper needs analysis.
All our design consultations are conducted in-home during our walk though. This is considered both beneficial for the designer and client. It allows the designer to understand the clients space and helps the client to better visualize the suggestions being made during the consultation.
*Overtime consultations will be billed at an additional cost.

Personal Design Shopper:
The personal shopper is a bonus service with two options.
Option 1:
Online option $60/hour- All links required for purchasing will be sent directly to the client’s email.
Option 2:
In-store option- $75/hour- We understand that most individuals don’t have the time to shop or simply don’t know where to start from. Shirley identifies eye catching statement pieces and can help you obtain the look you’ve always wanted. From decor accessory items to large scale furniture pieces or simply an entire room we have you covered. All items will be placed on hold for the client to make the final purchases.