Krystal Martino

wedding planner

Krystal Martino
Whiting, IN

Creative at Heart

I'm not your typical wedding planner. I'm more of an idea person, creative at heart. I want to create a day that you will never forget and a wedding your guests will remember. I love to add little touches to make your wedding feel like it's really your day. I love to take a creative approach on things, and truly make then unique. So if your looking for a truly unique wedding, I'm the one your looking for.

My name is Krystal Martino, I'm a creative, fun, and truly unique person. I love art, and everything about it. I love the expressive, and personal side to it. Thats what I want to bring to my wedding planning. I love to draw inspiration from art, and incorporate into the weddings I plan. For a truly uniquely-you wedding, that even Van Gogh will be proud of. I have an out-of the box look on life, and a different way of doing things. I will make planning your wedding fun with a hands-on attitude, I want to involve my clients as much as possiable.