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Dianna Khirodhar

makeup artist

Dianna Khirodhar

Queens, NY

"The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode, but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul." -Audrey Hepburn

I'm Dianna Khirodhar, a Master International Makeup Professional. My services are based in New York. I've had a growing passion of makeup artistry  for the last 10 years. Over the years I have developed my own style in applying makeup, this has acquired me to begin a Master Makeup course at QC Makeup Academy where I learned to better execute my techniques, as well as learning new ones.Given the creativity of this profession, there is always something new to learn in the beauty industry. 

I am a graduate at the QC Makeup Academy for Master International Makeup Profession. I will continue to take advantage of opportunities that will expand my training & knowledge in the field, along with acquiring new skills. I currently do freelance work: Weddings, Glam, Formal/Graduation, Business/Natural and Special FX Makeup.

My love for makeup all began with a simple stroke of eyeliner. Growing up I was more of a tomboy. Always with my father working on cars and getting dirty; I was not the typical teen, I wore no makeup at all. One day as I was getting ready to go to a family event, my mother handed me an eyeliner and told me "Put this on, you'll see your beautiful features come alive." From that day forth I was so intrigued with how just drawing a simple line between your eyes can make them pop. I began experimenting with different products, colors and textures. I have done makeup for friends & family over the years & finally decided to make my passion, my profession. I’m young, ambitious, and taking the world one day at a time.


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