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Tina Wallington

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Tina Wallington


To make your dreams come true

Hi my name is Tina, I am 50 and a single mother of two, my daughter is married with 3 boys and a son who still lives with me, I started as a wedding coordinator 20 years ago which I had to put on a back burner when I became a single mom and pregnant with my son.
I have started up wedding business again but with a few changes, I will still be guiding couples on finding the right vendors and venues for their weddings but will also be offering the wedding planner package and also start doing event planning as well.

When I first started my wedding business, there was no internet or emails, everything that I have learned was from books that I brought from bookstores and checked out of the library, the team of vendors that I have was found through my local telephone book and many telephone calls until I found the right team I was looking for, even though I have been out of the business for some time I still helped my family to book their weddings and find the right kind of vendors for them.
I have also started planning parties such as engagement, 18th, 21st, and anniversary party’s for my family, it was actually my sister who pushed me back into the wedding business after we helped my daughter plan her wedding on a very small budget, but we did it and she got the wedding she had always dreamed of.


After doing a lot of research I have found that a lot of couples just do not have the time to plan their own weddings so was looking at ways to help relieve the stress, so these are the services that I offer.
• Wedding Coordination
• Wedding Consultation
• Wedding Planning (full service)
• Event Planning