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Lynn Hempinski-Baker

event planner , wedding planner

Lynn Hempinski-Baker

Comox, BC

Whatever your event, we make it Enchanted.

Life tends to pass us by so quickly; with Enchanted Event we can make every moment last a lifetime.

I have over twenty successful years in the public relations field and together with my husband, Bryan, who co-owns Enchanted Event, has over twenty-five years in the construction industry; we take pride in creating an environment for you that is memorable--forever!

Bryan artistically designs and creates remarkably economical custom props that bring enormous character to your Enchanted Event.

I am trained in design and certified in business marketing but most importantly I am a stickler for details, value and articulate organization.

There is no event that does not deserve to be Enchanted and together we will do just that.

Bryan Baker; successful business owner and professional finish carpenter. Strongest suite; the ability to imagine and bring to life decors that captivate the audience.

Lynn Hempinski-Baker; Director of Operations for a large multimillion dollar manufacturing company. Strongest suite; the ability to work tirelessly to achieve perfection through articulate record tracking and reaching budget targets.

What this means for you--We are well liked because our personalities are infectious, our background is parallel to this profession and we seriously enjoy being creative and having a great time doing it!


Themed events our specialty.

Medieval Events
Robin Hood,
Miami Vice,
Anything historical

Although Bryan and I are very confident that we will make any event spectacular, we realize that being newly certified in this industry is difficult for you the client to know how successful we can make your event, therefore, we wish to offer the first three events Pro Bono.

(some conditions will apply)


Your medieval wedding event was so overwhelmingly amazing, I can't stop talking about it. You didn't miss a thing, congratulations on a fabulous day.

Amanda King

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for such a magical day, you're truly amazing!

Autumn Woellmer

Bryan and Lynn, we have hosted many years of Medieval themed events, but never, ever have we seen that particular room come alive so much. Bryan, your castle props made it all come together, and you made it look effortless. Lynn, your attention to detail cannot be surpassed, and all of it on such a small budget...amazing! You're well suited for this business.

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