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L'Excellence à votre service!

‘’KC Elite Event Planning & Design’’understands that no two events are quite the same. We offer another dimension to your imagination and conceive for you original and unpublished events. From venues to menus we strive for every element to reflect your individual style. With our professional expertise we will design and execute a unique and unforgettable experience that will resonate with your family and friends for years to come. From formal affairs to simple celebrations, we tailor every aspect of event planning to create a cherished memory by all. With more than 10 years experience all over the world in Hotel industry management, tourism an event communication, we lean on a strong professionnals’network to insure and offer solutions and products adapted to your events.
All our providers adhere to a charter of partnership to guarantee a quality of service, the respect for delays as well as prices current on the market.
We offer a service completely at your choice and adapted to the requirements and the budgets of any customers' types.

To satisfy all your desires and your envy, and to optimize the organization of your event in Mali or other west African Country, we propose you two ways of support and expertise answering each different needs:
-You confide us your specifications and your budget
-We look for the appropriate solutions and select the various providers (hotel, caterer , cultural activities and sportswomen, autoforklift truck operator, party theme)
-We negotiate rates according to your budget
- We submit you several propositions
-We finalize together your project and the choice of providers
-You sign directly the contracts of the providers without intermediary
-We introduce you to them, so you can manage the last details of your project
•-Our Elite's Advise is FREE of charge for customers. Only providers paid us fees for that service.

You confide us your specifications for a project in MALI or abroad
-We are the Red wire of your event and your unique interlocutor
-We analyze your needs and select the best providers
-We design and conceive your custom-made event
-We communicate you our recommendations and estimate detailed on the basis of at least 3 proposals
-You choose the final project
-We support you throughout your event and manage all the technical and commercial follow-ups (price negotiation, venue's renting, creation of log book, on-the-spot logistic management, routing, support, coordination of all the providers, global invoicing)
-We are present during your event to accompany you.



For the organization of your commercial workshop, your product launch or your international convention) we select the best providers (hotels, restaurants, transport companies, teams of animation, audiovisual equipment, sports and cultural activities, artists for gala night) and we imagine a custom-made event.
With our international network, we can envisage all the destinations. We take care of all the useful reservations and offer you a turnkey service.
We have an neuter approach and are dependent to no provider, the objective being to find the solution the best adapted to your needs.


The factual communication within a company is strongly beneficial. Indeed she allows the companies to motivate and to stimulate their staff, to inform their customers, to reward the most deserving … To organize a workshop in Mali or country arround, in a frame outside your company is a delicate operation because everything owes be completed! The organization of workshp is our business we are at your service to facilitate your factual actions by analyzing your objectives, your specifications and your budget. We propose you solutions suited in term of accommodation, transport, recreational activities and incentive and of gala evenings.


The convention is one of the factual operations the most meticulous to be organized. This event including large number of collaborator to reflects the image of your company. To gather in the same place so many people requires an implementation without defect and a choice of appropriate site. Its organization must be rigorous and precise. We bring you our expertise in the organization of your convention from A to Z. We manage for you all the aspects of this demonstration (accommodation, catering, broadcasting, decoration, animation).

Team Building and Incentive:

To organize activities “team high rise " sports or cultural for your company is an effective way to motivate and to reward your collaborators. Nothing better to create links, improve the team spirit, communicate a message of company or simply relax between colleagues. We work with numerous providers who, according to your objectives, will create you an adapted program.

-Sports Activities: regatta by sailboat, gone hiking in kayak, jetski, ascenctionnel parachute, ground mini-Olympiads, sports mechanics, construction of igloo, ski joering, competition of sled .etc. Everything is possible! Just ask ...
-Recreational and cultural Activities

Gala evening:

Your gala evening, is prestigious or more informal, owes be a successful and unforgettable evening! Whatever is the theme which you wish to decline, ''KC Elite Event Planning'' proposes you a multitude of artists (famous or not) and ideas to make your evening, a strong and entertaining moment for all your participants.
Some examples of themes:
• evening Glam*White,
• evening jazz,
• evening prestige in a castle,
• evening casino of wines,
• oriental evening,
• show of magic,
• show of mentalisme,
• typical evening

Incentive travels:

A journey incentive to thank your collaborator, what could be more marking and rewarding.''KC Elite Event Planning'' invites you to discover numerous adapted foreign and African destinations wants and in your budget.
Our services include also weddings, honeymoons, receptions, birthday, answers to etiquette questions, as well as full-service referrals to florists, hair stylists, entertainers, musicians, etc.

‘’KC Elite Event Planning & Design’' is your ultimate source of stylized décor for themed parties. We house the entirety of our décor locally and if we don’t have it we can certainly design and build it for you. Our extensive inventory of themed props and décor will transform any space into the event of a lifetime.

Stylized décor for themed parties: jungle, western, tropical, Mardi Gras and much more
Fabrics and Ceiling Treatments
Furniture and Bars
Games and Money Machine
Table and Chair Linens

Floral & Centerpieces

We offer in house floral design to fit any taste and budget. Our professional and talented staff has experience in both event and wedding floral design and production. Our designers have the experience and know-how to handle every detail and provide advice to make your special day unforgettable.

Bridal and Bridesmaid Bouquets
Funeral arrangements
Wedding arches and Chuppahs
Office and hotel lobby arrangements
Holiday arrangements
Oversized floral arrangements