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Josephine Duigan

professional organizer

Josephine Duigan

Mount Gambier, SA
0488 775 213

Domestic Blitz!

Eighteen months ago that I realised my love of organising people, places and things could also be my profession. I conceived the business idea of “Time To Get Organised?” in 2014. Then I searched for an educational opportunity to enhance and qualify the organisational skills I already had.
I have been studying a Professional Organising Diploma at QC Design. I will graduate in 2015 with an Advanced Diploma in Professional Organising. I am also a member of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO) - a not for profit organisation that educates the public about Professional Organising and benefits members by growing the industry.

I want to be innovative and build a strong business in a new field in my City which brings a practical, sustainable approach to creating a stress free Lifestyle, Time, Home Office and Small Business Organisation - empowering people to change behaviours through education and support – finding new ways and creating systems for the disorganised to become organised. My vision is to continually develop the skills I have gained from my experiences during my 25-year career, build & grow the unique opportunities I have as a Professional Organiser in the City of Mount Gambier and districts. My success will be based on my ability to adapt to change, to be fully engaged and to bring new ideas to life for other people. I know the importance of organization, systems and the freedom of living a more de cluttered life and would love to give these skills to others.


Here's a quick overview!
• Eliminating clutter
• Creating filing systems
• Planning functional living spaces
• Finding storage solutions
• Educating clients on organization


I've only known Josephine for a short time, a mere 51 years, but I do know she can organise and clean like no other. I would highly recommend Josephine to anyone who requires any sort of cleaning/sorting out issue. Even the smallest of jobs she would tackle with professionalism, enthusiasm and dignity. Honesty and confidence is of high value and should you have a HUGE task or problem, you can feel reassured Josephine is very discreet, reliable and would empathise with your situation by tackling the core issues and find the right way for you to declutter, tidy and be on your way to a clutter free life. I am very proud of her as a dear friend and a woman. Annette Clare Roughana xx

Annette R

At the end of 2013, I was retrenched from my position at a local Timber Mill. I had planned an overseas holiday with one of my mates. When I returned, my back yard, pool and deck had been given a complete make over. This was a kind gift from Josephine. She had cleaned the walls of the house, decks, brought in two skips and a garden crew to return my back yard from chaos to order. I had been feeling pretty low about not having any work to return to, so to come home to a complete renovation of my back yard was overwhelming. Thanks J

Brendan D

My husband is a shift worker and I teach four days per week. I have 3 teenage children who are very active after school and on weekends. Although Josephine has a teacher qualification, she just loves cleaning my house! The best thing that has happened is that my children are now in a regular routine of tidying their bedrooms because they know that she will be here soon! She reminds them how easy it is to have systems to keep their rooms in order. She also leaves them a funny note that makes them laugh. Thanks JD

Kathryn D

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