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Kristen Brinati

editorial stylist, personal stylist

Kristen Brinati

Norridge, IL

Kristen Kouture: Dress to feel your best.

Fashion isn't clothing. Fashion is your unspoken words. Fashion is how you make a statement in a room. It is how all eyes are on you when you're not the loudest one in the room. Fashion isn't attention. It is self-confidence. Fashion is feeling good because you look good. Fashion is living art. It is adding art to a beautiful city. It is bringing art to a not so beautiful circumstance. Fashion is a souvenir. It is a garment filled with a story. It is a past, a present, and a future. It triggers the memory of the best day of your life. Fashion is how you represent yourself. It demonstrates when you want to be serious and when you want to have fun. Fashion is feeling physically uncomfortable to feel mentally and emotionally comfortable. Fashion brings people together. It unifies a normally separated group. Fashion is not trends but a personal style. It is being decked out from head to toe. It is how you express yourself. It is how you decorate your body. It is showing yourself to the world. As it is famously quoted, “Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.”

As your personal Fashion Stylist my mission is to make you feel confident like your outfit of the day is specifically made for you.

My name is Kristen Brinati and I am a certified Fashion Stylist from QC Style Academy. I am a true living example of having a “passion for fashion”. I design and create my own clothes and shop for the most unique products for my wardrobe. Also, I review and style clothing items by blogging and vlogging. I style outfits for all types of holidays, events, and every day wear. I am up to date with all of the latest trends, and I love sharing them with the world and adding my own bold and edgy twists to them. I want to show the world just how personal fashion can change your life.


Personal Style: Together we can discover your personal style. The style that makes you look your best and more importantly feel your best. It is the style that expresses you. We will explore fashion made especially for your body type. We will make you feel as “You” as possible from head to toe. 60.00 PER HOUR

Wardrobe Styling: Together we will mix and match items from your existing wardrobe to form different outfits. It will feel like you have a closet of brand new clothes! You will be amazed by the different places you can wear the same article of clothing just by altering the rest of your outfit. 60.00 PER HOUR

Personal Shopping: Today a person can purchase a garment from anywhere in the world. With the internet as well as surrounding shopping centers we will find anything you are looking for in the budget you desire. 60.00 PER HOUR

Bridal Styling: A bride needs to look perfect from head to toe on their special day. We will help you find your wedding gown as well as perfect accessories to compliment it. We will make sure all eyes are on you. 75.00 PER HOUR

Customized clothes: Did you ever have a perfect image in your head of an outfit you adore but does not exist? Together we can design and bring outfits to life. Also, we can alter or even change up your already existing clothes. 80.00 PER HOUR

Accessory Focus: The right accessories can take the same outfit from beachy to formal. It can totally change your look bringing it from casual to elegance. We will focus on styling your existing accessory collection as well as finding accessories that will accessorize your life! 50.00 PER HOUR

Event/group Styling: We can make you feel your best on occasions such as Prom or your Quinceanera. Also, we offer Fashion Styling when it comes to band wardrobes or dance teams. 75.00 PER HOUR