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Sara Burgoyne

makeup artist

Sara Burgoyne

Regina, SK

Aspiring make up artist and special effects lover. Soon to be a hairstylist and esthetician as well.

Hi my name is Sara and I'm studying to be a makeup artist. I'm very interested in doing the fantasy makeup and, hopefully, special effects. I'm just starting my career but I wont disappoint you once I've completed my course.

I hope you'll give me a shot and help me reach my goal of opening my own beauty parlor or salon in the future, I'm going to do this on the side first but hopefully this will be my full time career

Once I make the money for school I will be going to get my esthetician license and going to get my hairstylist license as well.
I live out of town at the moment in a little village called Sedley. Its about a half hour drive away from Regina and I would come to anyone who wants me to do a house call. I will be eventually moving into the city and then I'll have a little office type thing in my new place.


Make overs
Halloween make up
Body Painting
Some special effects