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Elizabeth Voorhees

event planner , wedding planner

Elizabeth Voorhees

Silicon Valley, Monterey, Carmel, CA

Elegance is a state of mind...

Any bride can have an Elegant wedding, for elegance is not measured by your budget, but truly by your imagination. From the most intimate gatherings to the grandest celebrations, contact me to set the appropriate tone for your Elegant Engagement. I specialize in same-sex marriages and non-traditional weddings!!

I offer bridal packages, individual assistance services, and am an Ordained Officiant as well.

I am a mother: organized, methodical, loving, compassionate, an excellent listener and most capable of juggling multiple tasks with grace and poise.

I am a lawyer: I can both negotiate your contracts with vendors and explain to you in plain English what you are signing. My training gives me an extraordinary ability to pay attention to the smallest detail, and I have years of experience advocating for people under incredible pressure.

I am a mediator: I have the ability to bring people together, unite them to a common goal, and bring harmony to difficult situations.

I am a minister: I can perform wedding and other blessing ceremonies in the State of California. Your ceremony should be about you, and I can help you find the words to express your love and devotion.


Although I am thrilled to assist any bride who is looking for a level of seriousness and attention to detail, I do love to specialize in alternative unions: same-sex marriages, pagan hand-fastings and non-traditional ceremonies present me with the opportunity to help you create a truly unique experience which is deeply and personally meaningful.

Varying levels of service are available: I can help you plan not only the wedding, but the additional parties surrounding your event. I am available to assist you and your on-site event coordinator at whatever level of service best suits your needs.

I am also available to travel, so if it is a destination wedding that you dream about, let's go for it!