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Mirna Nova

fashion merchandiser, personal stylist

Mirna Nova

Hyde Park, MA

Mirna Nova is a dazzling fashion stylist whose mission is to help individuals discover their own self of style. Mirna’s passion for fashion and her wittiness will make this journey an unbelievable experience. Together you will customize a new wardrobe to compliment your personality and your everyday life.

Mirna Nova wanted to be part of the fashion world at a very young age. At the age of twelve she joined the Barbizon and John Casablanca’s agency were she began her modeling journey. After graduating high school Mirna attended The School of Design and Bay State College in Boston were she earn her Fashion Merchandising and Marketing Degree. Mirna has worked in the retail industry for 10 years. She has worked for great companies such as David’s Bridal as a Wedding Consultant and Manages a Sunglass Hut a Luxury Eye-wear Company.

After 15 years in the fashion industry Mirna decided to channel her experience to a Personal Fashion Stylist. This new venture gives individuals the help they need to re-create their own self of style in a new perspective.


M.Y.E Styles

“Fashion fades, style is eternal.”
-Yves Saint -Laurent.

Style Consultation: -$50
This is where you and I meet in person and together we will complete an evaluation to figure out what you desire out of this fashion experience. We will also discuss your fashion style and goal, as well as your body type. This consultation will last 1 hour. (10% off your first service for new clients)

Closet Analysis: -$30hr
I will come to your home to fully assess, re-assess, and renovate your existing wardrobe. I’ll help you define which pieces can be kept or discard. I will also suggest what to do with the pieces you don’t wear due to not knowing what pair goes with that article.

Personnel Shopping: -$85hr. (you come along) $125hr. (I go alone)
Together: With this service you will experience how shopping can be effective and stress-free. Will shop together in different stores which best fits your budget and needs. I will assist you while you are trying on clothes that I have selected for you.
Alone: I will shop for you in stores that satisfy your lifestyle and within your budget. I will bring all your items to your home where you can have a personal fit session. I will also take care of the headaches of any exchanges or returns.

Under Garment: -$50hr. (you come along) $75hr. (I go alone)
We’ll determine you accurate undergarment size and I’ll walk you through easy steps for identifying your undergarment size as well. Finally developing an amazing undergarment collection.

Leather Goods: -$250
We’ll determine what leather goods you require (bags, shoes, belt etc.)

Shoes: -$50-hr. (you come along) $75hr. (I go alone)
The perfect shoes! Always makes an outfit. I will analyze what shoe style will go best with the attire you will be wearing. As well helping you re-do your shoe closet.

Maternity: -$75hr. (you come along) $100hr. (I go lone)
It’s hard to shop for maternity clothes especially for first time moms. I will walk you through the maternity stores and gather the right fit and style the represents the fashionable mommy in you.

Accessories: - $125
Accessories both for men and woman, I’ll work with any budget to accommodate your personal need. Furthermore I will demonstrate how to wear the accessories to complete your fabulous attire.

Fine Jewelry: -$300
It’s stressful to shop for a special someone for a special occasion, or sometimes you want to treat yourself to something nice and blingy. I will walk you through the right stores and styles for your personal needs.
Engagement, anniversary, birthday etc.

Beauty Pageants: -$650
It can be tense practicing for a beauty pageant and going about your daily life. I will make your experience simple and fast. After analyzing your style and what you’re looking for in your pageant dress I will pick out the best look that fits what you’re looking for.

Special Event: -$200 (4hr. min)
My desire is to make you look and feel divine for your special night out. With a four minimum shopping spree we will hit the best stores that fits the event you are dressing for. Our day will conclude from picking out your attire to shoes and accessories. This will be an unforgettable experience.

Groom’s Man: -$900
I’ll help the groom’s man and his party decide on the perfect color, fabric style and fit of their wedding attire. I will be all the step of the way up to his wedding day.

Bride: -$1200
Getting married can be such an amazing experience but for a bride to be at times can be very overwhelming. I will be all the step of the way with the bride and her wedding party selecting her wedding gown and accessories as well as the brides made dresses, mother of the bride and flower girl etc.

Rewards Card:
The more you shop the better. When you apply for the free rewards card you gather points and when you hit the total point you can get any of the service I offer for free.