QC Career School

S. Terell Swallow

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra"
~Jimmy Johnson

Let me be that little extra for your home! Design is something i have always been passionate about. Every since I was little I loved watching design shows and designing my own floor plans from the inspiration provided. Starting out with my own projects, and not a lot of money, I have learnt how to give a space the desired effect while keeping on budget. My most important goal is talking to you my client and helping make your dreams become reality. I will work with you so help put your ideas on paper, and make any room into the space of your dreams.


I provide:
-Colour Consultations

-Design Consultations
ie: Furniture, Window treatments, Renovations, Flooring, Lighting.

-Sourcing and Independent/Assisting in Shopping for Materials

-New Construction Interior Design

-Preparation an Implementation of design plans
ie: Kitchen, Living room, Dining room, Bathroom, Complete house.