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Kathryn Infantino

color consultant, interior decorator

Kathryn Infantino

Melbourne, VIC

Bringing your design dreams to life

My name is Kathryn Infantino and I am a certified Interior design and decorating consultant, here to provide you with professional experience in bringing dreams and ideas to life.

Interior Design and Decorating is a field in which I have taken a liking to ever since a young child. At a young age I was constantly dragged into homeware stores and brought out furniture shopping and eventually developed a strong sense for attention to detail, whether it being texture, placement of furniture or colour

I completed my study at QC Career School where I was trained in all design aspects including kitchens, bathrooms, lounge and dining areas, colour, window treatments, wall treatments and the list goes on. There I established a great sense of what the client should expect and realistic planning of what goes into achieving exactly what the client sets out to obtain.


Our design talent at Infantino Designs is there to produce diverse and interesting work supported by professional trade expertise and a thorough approach to project management.
At Infantino Designs, we distinguish our work with a commitment to the highest quality standards through a research of creative solution in keeping with our clients’ budget and timeframe during all phases of the design process.

An in home consultation is free when starting with Infantino Designs.
We offer skills in Decorating and Design along with colour consultation for those of you who maybe aren't too sure how to execute the perfect balanced home.
We strive to present the most effecient and effective high quality job whatever the case may be. We work with a team of trades for occasions where you may consider refurbishing and completely re-designing a room.
There may be times where all you need is a step in the right direction and a professionals perspective when it comes to accessorizing.