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Taylor Worthey

event planner, wedding planner

Taylor Worthey

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Taylor-ing to every dreamed up detail!

Wide eyed and filled with a sense of destiny, I can remember taking in every detail of every wedding I went to as a little girl. Since then I placed a dream in my heart, to be a wedding planner. Here I am, years later, deciding to make that dream a reality. My hope is to bring every daydreamed detail to life through weddings and events, instilling memories in those in attendance that will last a lifetime!

I have an incredible knack for close attention to detail. I work well in fast-paced environments, like those of a big wedding or event in action! My goal is to take the picture you have in your head and turn it into a reality.


Coordinater of weddings & events, big and small! I can help you through the entire planning process, or simply be there on the day, making sure everything runs smoothly while your only job is to enjoy the party!