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Teresa Ramlogan

wedding planner

A Match Made In Heaven

It feels like you've waited a life time to get here but it's finally here! Congratulations! Your wedding day should be filled with love, romance, joy and we are here to ensure that! We provide a stress-free, beautiful day for you to enjoy! You've got a vision and were here to put that vision to real life. We provide services from small intimate weddings, to large and extravagant weddings. Not only will you be pleased with the services we provide we also can help advise you in areas you’re not so sure about.

We are your Fairy Godmothers and your wish is our command!

So sit back and relax, because if you hire us, you won’t have any regrets!

You’ve got the best partner in life, now why not get the best service in the industry!


Initial Consultation:
This service is to provide you with a guideline on how to begin planning your wedding. We offer you ideas and suggestions, along with an outline of items you will have to consider and complete for a smooth and successful wedding. We will also include files such as Excel budgeting files, guest list files and other documents that will assist you throughout your planning process.

Day-of Services:
One consultation before the wedding day and day of wedding day. We will ensure your day goes as smooth as possible. Any planning that you have done prior to the day of the wedding, we will guarantee it happens without a hitch!

Full Service Gold Package:
This goes from first day to the last day. This service includes the initial meeting right up to the wedding night. We also assist with celebrations other than the wedding day, such as engagements, honey moons and everything in between. This package also includes day of services & initial consultation.