Eliese Jasmine

personal stylist

Eliese Jasmine
Melbourne, VIC

"To look and feel fabulous should be everlasting."

Hi there!
My name is Eliese Jenkin, but am known under my professional name as Eliese Jasmine. I am a budding personal stylist, who is currently studying fashion styling through the QC Style Academy. I am extremely passionate about fashion and want to be able to use my fashion experience and impeccable eye for detail to be able to help others feel absolutely fabulous daily.

As mentioned above I am studying with the QC Style Academy to gain knowledge to ensure that I can be the personal stylist I can possible be. I am currently working at Big W, where I am dealing with consumers on a daily basis which I think is extremely important in regards to understanding what peoples' wants and needs are.

My goal is to ensure that every one of my clients walks away from their personal styling experience fulfilled, and I ensure to do this by listening and understanding my clients personal needs and wants and by personalising every clients experience with me. I want my clients to not only feel confident with not only how they look but also within themselves. I not only offer services such as wardrobe makeovers and personal shopping experiences, I have chosen to offer services which are more specialised such as bridal styling and styling for men. Through these services and with the specialisation of services, I hope to ensure that everyone is catered for.


Wardrobe Transformation.

This will take place in your own home where we will have the chance to analyse your wardrobe. In this consultation I will show you how to mix and match existing outfits, and put together outfits which you might never have thought of before. I will also give you suggestions on what could be added to your wardrobe, to increase your outfit choices and decide what works best for you.

In this wardrobe transformation we will achieve:
- Trying on and looking at different items.
- Working out the image and style you wish to portray.
- Increasing your wardrobe choices so you are able to get the most out of your wardrobe.
-Minimum 2 hour service.

Personal Shopping Experience.

This service will firstly begin with a consultation where I will be able to gain a full understanding on things such as your body shape, personal style and budget, meaning I will be able to give you advice about which looks would suit you best and which colours would flatter you most.

In this personal shopping experience you will achieve:
- Confidence to shop alone and to not make fashion mistakes that you may have made in the past.
- Learn how to make the most out of the clothes that you buy and how to wear them in different ways.

Minimum 2 hour service.

Styling for the Modern Man.

It would be crazy to think that men don't need styling help to! This service which is specially designed for the modern man. It includes a wardrobe transformation, where I will get the opportunity to analyse your wardrobe and we will be able to work on which pieces work best together and what could be added to your wardrobe. Minimum 2 hours.
This service also includes a personal shopping experience which can be purchased as a separate service, where I will be able to advise you of the styles that are the most flattering for your body shape and style, and to make the most of the clothes that you buy and to prevent you from wasting money. Minimum 2 hour service.

The Elegant Professional.

Whether you are attending an interview, progressing in your career or simply need to revamp your existing work wardrobe than this is the perfect service for you. In the consultation I will be able to advise you on what will be most flattering for your body shape and sense of style, whilst taking into consideration the type of career you have. You also have the opportunity to choose to go on a personal shopping experience so I can further help you in choosing the best possible professional outfits.
Consultation minimum 1 hour and personal shopping service is a minimum of 2 hours.

Styling for those Special Events.

This service is specially catered for those who have a special event on their calendar, whether it's a formal, wedding, christening, or an important work function, the list is endless. This service ensures that you will look absolutely fabulous no matter what the event. Firstly we will begin a consultation so I will be able to gain a better understanding of the special event, it's dress code and most importantly your personal style and body shape. This service also includes a personal shopping trip where I will be able to give you a greater understanding on what styles and colours best suit you and hopefully find that outfit to make you look fabulous!
This includes a 1 hour consultation and a minimum 2 hour personal shopping experience.

As a subcategory to this service I also offer bridal styling.
As this is one of the biggest days in a woman's life, everything has to be perfect!
This will firstly begin with a consultation where I will be able to gain a greater understanding of factors such as budget, personal style, whether or not you want a traditional white dress for example.I will then go over with you styles which would be the most flattering on you for your big day, and I will also go over with you the most flattering styles and colours for your bridesmaids.


Wardrobe Transformation/ Personal Shopping Experience.

2 hour wardrobe makeover.
3 hour personal shopping experience.

Wardrobe Transformation/Personal Shopping Experience/Personal Styling.

2 hour wardrobe makeover.
3 hour personal shopping experience.
2 hours personal styling.