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Raylene Job

professional organizer

Raylene Job

Draper, UT

Klutter Free Kids

Hello there! I love kids and I also love organizing. So I have decided to merge them into helping other women just like me. I am a Mother of 5 beautiful children and am in awe of their amazingly creative and imaginative minds. I am also in awe of all the art projects, book reports, report cards, love notes, cards, handmade Christmas ornaments and noodle necklaces! Not to mention books, toys, art supplies, souvenirs, stuffed animals and more, which are constantly trying to take over their bedrooms, my desk and counter tops! Where do we keep it all? What do we do with all of those “special treasures” and memories? That’s where I come in. I work with each unique child to come up with systems that they help create, that they can take ownership of and that they will want, and be able to keep Klutter FREE!

I grew up in a family of 11 kids. I also have 5 of my own. So I know firsthand the challenge of keeping a Klutter Free environment and the challenge of working with children of all different personality types. I was told my whole life by my Dad that I am “too dang efficient!” I was always cleaning up after people way too quickly I guess! I took it as a compliment. I loved to de-junk my mother’s house whether she wanted me to or not, and I kept my own space clean, clutter free and organized. I guess growing up with so many kids that my space was my escape or my peaceful place. I have always thrived on having things neat and tidy. In all my different jobs growing up and into adulthood I have taken much pride and have been complimented many times on my ability to keep things organized, clean and accomplish more in my time on the clock than others. It has always been one of my talents and ultimately my passion. That’s why I decided to become an Internationally Certified Professional Organizer through QC Design School. I finished my certification in March 2015.
Our children are a resource that is not tapped into often enough. I feel as I work with kids and help them design and organize their space, it not only makes them feel proud and have ownership over it, but the parent(s) are now happy too because they will not have to battle the child to keep their room Klutter Free anymore. I have experience working with Children/Teens with ADHD, anxiety and special needs. I have worked with children and teens that just don’t care and also ones who want to keep everything. It’s so fun to help them feel free and in control by making their little world work for them and with their unique needs. I understand that not all kids are old enough or capable of such tasks, so I also love to work with Moms in these situations to help make an clean, safe and peaceful environments for all.


My Services Include:

One hour consultation: $40
We will spend time looking at and talking about what things and spaces are bothering you and your child. We will come up with a game plan to help your child create a space that you are both excited about and help them be excited about keeping Klutter Free!
Organizing appointments: $50/hr
I will come in and help put our plan into action. I will work with your child and create the space that will help them feel confidant, proud, In control and at peace in their space.
Follow up/touch up visits: $30/hr
If there is ever anything that is not working for you or your child or we just need to spruce things back up a bit, I will be happy to come help with that too.