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Testimonials for Kathleen Hayden

Kathleen What a pleasure it was to work with you and Dream Space Organizing over the last few weeks! Thanks to you, I now have an office I feel great in and I am once again happy to host family and friends overnight - this has done wonders for my stress levels! You are a marvel - so talented, clearly loving what you do, and fun to be with - and the results speak for themselves! I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs some help with organizing - they definitely won't be disappointed. All the very best Anne Toronto

Anne - Toronto, ON

Dear Kathleen (Dream Space Organizing), I just wanted to write this to thank you for your hard work. I came to you with a vision for my home and you made that happen. When you arrived, everything I owned had been pulled out of storage in the attempt to de-clutter and organize on my own. What started as a small cleaning venture became a very overwhelming and daunting task very quickly. I would start something in one room and end up in another completing nothing, only moving stuff from room to room. You came in in a calm confident fashion with a plan of action and we were able to quickly turn my house from chaos to organized calm. I appreciate that you understood that with my ADHD I required gentle guidance to get back to the task at hand. I received such positive comments from family and friends on the completion of the de-cluttering and organizing that you were the solid choice to come back months later, to help stage our home for sale. My agent, the prospective purchasers and their agents had nothing but positive feedback with the staging of our home and I firmly believe that is what helped sell our home in less than 3 weeks. I am looking forward to having you come to the new house to help us find the same calm, clean organized look. Thank you, Monica Bono

Monica - Hamilton, ON

I knew it was time to look for help when I could no longer walk into my office without stepping on something!!! But who to call? Well, I choose Kathleen Hayden (aka – the FUN organizer) because I knew that it would need to be fun if it was going to get done!! Well she totally lived up to her tag line and so much more. Kathleen is personal yet professional, helping to take the emotion out of what can be a very emotional situation. She offered insightful yet creative organizing solutions often incorporating what we had on hand but never fearing to make recommendations when she saw the need. She pushed when necessary and stepped back when needed but she totally directed the organizing with a firm and gentle hand. She met all the timelines ensuring that the job got done. In fact, Kathleen is so passionate about organizing that on one occasion I had to cry UNCLE!! I am totally grateful and completely indebted to Kathleen Hayden for all that she has done for me and for my family. Her service goes way beyond her presence in your home as she offers on-going solutions that you can incorporate to help keep abreast of the mess. Fun, fabulous and unforgettable are all words that come to mind when thinking of Kathleen and the service she provides. Keri Copcutt

Keri - Dundas, ON

Wow thanks so much!! Quite the incredible transformation! Thanks again, and we'll be in touch soon! Val

Val - Toronto, ON

“My home office was in total chaos. With 3 operating companies, and a self emplyed wife plus 2 children in university I could never find anything when I needed it. I had met Kathleen and found her positive, easy to chat with and very passionate about her abilities to help. I took the risky plunge as I had never used the services of a professional organizer before. I couldnt be happier. Knowing I was going to work with her forced me to begin a long over due purge of my office in order to prepare. Kathleen analysed what my needs were and concerns about how best to organize everything and she not only came up with a super logical plan, but executed that very same plan in the time she told me it would take. I am so happy with the results that I cannot recommend Kathleen strongly enough. I feel like I have control again and I actually know where every file is and every document is. Thanks Kathleen! You are the best! Phil Z.

Philip - Dundas

"Kathleen came in to my office and transformed my work space. There are no words to express how much better I feel sitting at my now organized desk. I finally have somewhere to put things as they come into my desk instead of just letting things pile up in the corner. I know where everything is and I have somewhere to safely place my coffee on my desk with out fear of what might be underneath it. She made it simple for me to stay organized well after she has left me and that's exactly what I needed! Ryan T.

Ryan - Burlington