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Breanna Graham

wedding planner

Breanna Graham

Cambridge, ON

Making your wedding dreams a reality.

Hi. My name is Breanna Graham. I am excited to be considered to be part of your wedding team. I like to think of myself as a person who is a stickler for perfection. If you can help me see your vision for the big day, then I am confident that I can help make it a reality. I am open to all different types of weddings, and look forward to gaining more experience in this field.

I graduated High School not really knowing where I wanted to be going. I decided to go back and explore co-operative education options. I came across the opportunity to work with a local hotel in the wedding planning industry and became very interested. After completing that, one of my family members became engaged and asked me to take part in helping plan their special day. From running errands, to helping put the centerpieces together and even helping them stay organised on the big day. I was a part of their wedding and loved being involved in the planning and execution of their wedding day.


A wedding planner is defined as someone who helps plan and organise a couples wedding wishes. This is exactly what I want to help you do. To begin we would start with a consultation so that you can let me know what your vision is. From there we would talk about your budget and how we will stay on track by communicating on a regular basis either by phone or in-person meetings. I then would like to discuss what tasks you would like me to take care of prior to and on the day of the wedding. My goal is to make this a stress free and comfortable day for you filled with wonderful memories. I like to stay as organised as possible. Going to vendor meetings and so forth, I would like to have both partners (if possible) attending so that there aren't any surprises. At the consultation we will discuss deposit and service fees. If all is agreed upon we will continue on from there creating your magical day.