Barbara Ryan

interior decorator

Barbara Ryan
Sturgeon County, AB

Old World Design

Greetings my name is Barbara and my specialty is Old World Design. History and European Art has influenced my design style. I am always looking for new ways to bring that traditional timeless look into new homes as well as older homes.

My passion for interior design began with the construction of our first home 30 years ago. I was always happiest when I was decorating or designing. My style has evolved since then I have taken numerous art history courses and travelled extensively to Europe. We own a 15th century vacation home in Bracciano Italy next to a feudal medieval castle. We spend many months there each year. This time spent visiting the castles of Europe inspired my husband and myself to design and build our own castle. It has been a fun and exciting project and we are in the process of filling our castle with beautiful period pieces as we are serious collectors of decorative, religious and fine arts. It is my passion and I am eager to help others acquire this formal exquisite look in their homes too.


I can offer the following services:
space planning
floor plan drawings
exterior drawings
help clients choose all products relating to homes and how to properly use them such as flooring, paint, specialty finishes such as venetian plaster, appliances, drapery, hardware, plumbing fixtures, furniture, furniture placement, artwork, lighting, textiles, accessories etc.


We were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first baby - at this time I was struggling on how to create a gender neutral nursery that can be changed easily with low cost to accommodate a girl or a boy once our little one arrived. I got talking to Barbara who then helped me create just what I needed! As we are more "country folk" and like the traditional and country look, Barbara suggested a solid wood theme, where I could use the current antique dresser I had already as a change table (Just add a pad), wood apple crates in which I had accumulated over the years for book cases (which was most important to me!) and to store the cloth diapers that sit next to the dresser. She caught her eye on a wood/leather rocking chair I had out in my living room and told me that would fit perfectly. All i needed to purchase furniture was a solid wood crib which was fantastic as with the new baby expenses were tight! Barbara explained that wood of all different kinds go well together! and they look amazing in the room, Our mobile home came with white - i think its plastic ugly curtain rods!, Barbara Mentioned they sell solid wood rods - and i found some on sale - big thick wood rods that really make the room! - once the furniture side of things were done I asked her about the decorating "gender neutral". She exclaimed if I went with browns and tans I can add colours once baby arrives - this turned out great as i love browns and tans (Were our wedding colours!!) Once the curtains and linens were picked out in beautiful browns and tans, we went searching for wall decor - pictures and such. As Barbara knew I loved horses, cattle and tractors she went straight away and found me some beautiful horse pictures and old fashioned John Deere Tractor signs, so whichever it was a girl or boy I can lean more to tractors or horses which was exactly what I wanted! My little girl was then born so I hung up the horse prints and told Barb that I loved purple and asked how can I integrate purple into this neutral theme - she said I can put various shades of purple to together to accent the room - we found dark rich purple for the curtains and a medium purple for the crib sheet and a beautiful blanket which had horse print on the one side and light purple on the other for the crib skirt and blanket! We also added a purple rug for in front of the crib. All in all she was amazing at designing the neutral version and the end version once my baby was born! I love my rustic,wood, country themed nursery and so does little Grace! Thanks Barb!

Lacey Gould

"My husband and I recently purchased our dream home and had no idea where to start when it came to furnishing and decorating it. Fortunately, I was able to turn to Barb Ryan for help. Barb seemed to ask the right questions and helped me to develop an overall vision as to how I wanted my home to look and feel . Together with Barb's guidance and design expertise I was able to chose furniture, drapery and artwork that truly complemented my home. She helped with everything from the selection of materials, fabrics, furniture and accessories. In addition, Barb was able to keep everything on budget; her knowledge of online and local retailers was impressive to say the least. After the decisions were made and everything arrived, Barb made sure she was there to help me place everything. I am so happy with how things turned out. Barb not only helped me develop a vision for my new home, she also made the experience of bringing it to life exciting and fun." Thanks, Sandy

Sandy Boisvert