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Testimonials for Sharon Jenkins

There really isn't anything we can say or do to thank you enough for your effort and enthusiasm in helping us with our wedding day! We are in awe of what you do, and your ability to be prepared for every situation that could possibly arise! We thought we had everything under control- but your assistance, willingness to step in, and remarkable ability to think on your feet created the perfect flow for the day and made everything seem astoundingly polished and perfect.

Andrew and Rahneida Purcell

Thank you so much for all your hard work! It meant a lot to us that you were so dedicated to making sure that our wedding shower and then baby shower was perfect. We truly appreciate everything you did for us.

Jonathan and Jennifer van Beek

Thank you for all your details and exemplary work in planning and coordinating the AWARE conference. What a marvellous weekend away for all of us women. Every detail was looked after to perfection. From the great speakers to the relaxing activities to the small details to make our weekend retreat wonderful was meticulously thought out. Thank you.

Maria Freedman

Thank you for all of your help with the planning and coordinating of the 50th anniversary. What a wonderful weekend

Judy Watson

Sharon and I worked closely together as per of the AWARE Women's Conference Board of Directors. I found Sharon to be very organized, detail oriented and focused on the task at hand. She was an invaluable part of the leadership team. Sharon put in tireless hours of planning, preparing and work to ensure that every woman that attended the conference had a memorable weekend experience.

Kelly McLean

Thank you for everything that you did to make my wedding shower completely perfect. From the decorations, the minute details and the guests, the games everything was meticulously planned. A completely enjoyable evening.

Leslie Morra