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Kathy Pane

Kathy Pane

Brisbane, QLD

Hi. My name is Katherine Pane, but most call me Kath. I'm so very excited in becoming an Event Planner. In the past my event's I've organized are a Masquerade Ball for 40th party, a charity night for women with markets, silent auctions. I've planned karaoke nights, and girls nights in at homes and many themed children's parties for aprox 30 or more children and adults attending. My favourite being a Halloween party with great scary food!! As an ex-travel agent, I have a good experience of organizing detailed schedules and dealing with many different clients. I believe I'm destined to do this job!
I look forward to planning many more events in the future

I live in Brisbane, Australia with my husband and two boys, Benjamin 8yrs and Joshua 6yrs. I worked as a travel agent for 9 years before starting my family and now have been organizing different events over the years, since my two boys have been born. My most recent was a charity night at my own home, which I thoroughly enjoyed knowing that the funds would be going to a charity.


Organizing events for
* Children's Parties
* Charity nights
* Parties for Special Birthdays eg. 21st, 40th
* Wedding Anniversary parties
* Girls nights in
* Weekends away for both men and women