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Magneta Jules- Gonzalez

wedding planner

"Magnetic Connections" Your Wedding, Your Hearts, Your Connection.
Relax and connect with your Love as we make the other connections for y

Hi...My name is Magneta and my vision is to see you smile.
Magnectic Connnections finds ways to satisfy clients.
We aim to please our clients and leave no room for anxiety.

Love. Elegance. Fun. Romance. Creativity.

Magneta began her business in March 2008. Her passion and desire for weddings grew when she realized how happy it made her when couples had a stress free wedding day.

Magneta especially enjoys observing couples as they spend time enjoying each other and being in Love. This also helps her add to the flavor of their wedding. She is also careful to remind her clients to relax and have fun enjoying each other leaving the hard work and complexities of wedding planning to her.

Her passionate drive and desire for weddings, caused her to propel to her destiny and complete her studies as a Wedding Planner with Q C Wedding and Event Planning. As a result, she is now a certified Wedding Planner.

Magneta has had the opportunity to plan a few weddings, and she looks forward to planning many more.

So whether you are planning a big or small wedding do call us to begin your magnetic connection.

We believe that every wedding should fit the desire, taste and personality of each couple's uniqueness.

Your desire becomes ours as we make your day the best that it can be.


We offer


Budget analysis

Flowers and Decorations

Bride and Groom attire and accessories outlets

Video and Photographer info


Ceremony venue info


Reception sites info

Invitations and other stationary
and more
We also offer services in St.Lucia


Searching for a Wedding Planner took a little longer than I expected because, I was searching for someone who I can relate too and understood my needs. When I first met Magneta, the thing that jumped out at me was her down to earth professional, yet personal demeanor. Hiring Magneta as my wedding planner was the best decision I made, because once I share the vision I had for my wedding she made it a reality.


Planning my wedding became a breeze when Magneta took it over. If you're looking for someone who will make you day memorable, she is the one to talk too.