Alyse Natoba

makeup artist

Alyse Natoba
Scottsdale, TAS

Majestik MakeUp

Magnifying your Inner Beauty

I am an aspiring makeup artist completing my course online with QC Makeup Acadamy. I enjoy all aspects of make up especially Bridal, Graduations and Photography just to name a few. I like to be creative and try new looks.
I am always practicing, researching and playing around with different makeup to perfect my technique. My passion for makeup drew me to starting my own makeup artistry business.

I come from a small country town in the North East of Tasmania Australia. Graduating high school in 2002, and gaining a job at the primary school in 2003 as a Teacher's Aide I completed my Certificate II in Education.
I lived on Norfolk Island for 3 years where I met my husband Alipate who was born in Fiji. We were married in Fiji in March 2011 and have a daughter and another baby on the way. We love living in our small community and knowing most of the people who live in and around our area is just lovely.
Training online and at my own leisure has been great for me as I do all my Assignments and study in my 'spare' time and it gives me something to strive towards. Knowing that I am going to be a qualified Makeup Artist at the end of my course is very inspiring and I can't wait to finish.


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