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Breeanna Archie

makeup artist

Breeanna Archie

Maywood, IL

Hey, I'm BreeAnna Archie the CEO/Founder of Viva Diva Makeup and I come to you as a young talented Makeup Artist. I want to start a small local buisness that showcased my makeup skills and what I have learned over the years about makeup and skin care. Learning how to do the smokey eye and bold and bright colors, and making false lashes come alive thru makeup. As a young woman I want to learn the ins and outs of makeup. What looks good on different skin color and most importantly what will bring the natural beauty out in a woman or young lady.

Viva Diva Make-up is an upcoming makeup company, we come to you and do a free consultation and we take your ideas and design a flawless look just for you.


Viva Diva Makeup specialize in Colored Smokey Eyes and Bold looks. Now just because we do those bold looks doesn't mean we can't do natural or simply looks. All the makeup we use is very good for the skin, the CEO/Founder of Viva Diva uses the makeup herself.


Welcome to Viva Diva Makeup, are you ready to put some fire in your life or just have a simple everyday look well you have come to the right place. So, if your up for the Viva Diva challenge just call on Bree

BreeAnna Archie