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Jessica Williams

makeup artist

Jessica Williams

Smythesdale, VIC

I'm a young girl that never quite fit it, until one day I picked up a brush and powder and opened up a wonderful world of art and colour for myself.

Hi, my name is Jessica. I'm 19, happily married without kids. I have two cats and hope to get a dog soon. My husband and I just recently finished building the first part of our house, and are loving the modern twist we put into it. We are both the kind of people that know how to appreciate a fine piece of art, and to me - make-up is the finest of it all. I am an avid music lover, and hope one day to work along side famous and artistic music artists and be the make-up artist for colourful and edgy music video's. Feel free to add me on facebook, follow me on twitter or instagram or even send me an email. I look forward to getting to know people with similar interests to mine.