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Jessie Yarborough

makeup artist

Jessie Yarborough

Clayton, NC

Using makeup to enhance your beauty, not hide who you are.

My name is Jessie Yarborough and have a passion for makeup. I love to show people that the things they may see as imperfections is actually what makes them unique and beautiful. I like to enhance their unique features. My favorite part of working with people is showing my client their true beauty. I do work for all makeup needs;Events,photo shoots,film,commercials, or an evening out.

I have worked with several photographers all over the east coast. My work has printed in several talent magazines and I have worked on numerous local films and commercials. I have even worked on a nationally syndicated show, The Daily Buzz.


I am located in the Raleigh,North Carolina area but I am willing to travel anywhere desired for all your hair and makeup needs.