Rafters Staging

Anna Schleifenbaum

color consultant, home stager, interior redesigner, professional organizer

Anna Schleifenbaum
Huntsville & Haliburton, ON

Redesign. Repurpose. Reimagine

Anna Schleifenbaum is a quintessential go-getter who pours her heart and soul into every endeavor.

Having grown up in the Haliburton Highlands, an appreciation of the outdoors, and nature were expected, as well as an appreciation for all things antique and unique.

As a graduate of OCAD University, Anna spent time working for interior and jewellery designers before moving to Muskoka.

Anna creates spaces that are not only functional, but comfortable and inviting as well. Whether you are selling or looking to revamp a current room in your home, change out paint colors, or you simply want some direction - Anna will guide you through it all!

Offering tailored options that are based on your own needs and your home's unique character - Anna knows that the key to making any space sell-able or functional is all in the details.

Her love for styling, keen eye for detail and thorough thought process can take any job from concept to completion.


All projects with Rafters Staging begin with an initial consultation – and sometimes, this may be all that you need, especially if the plan is to do the work yourself.

If the project is more than you care to handle on your own, Anna will work with you to come up with a plan that works within your budget and will leave you with a space that you’ve always dreamed about or that will make selling your house less daunting.

Hourly Design Service

If you're just looking for some guidance, advice, or shopping and sourcing assistance, Anna can be available to you on an hourly basis. A minimum fee may apply.

Package 1

An in-home visit (1-2 hours) typical of a standard living room, bedroom etc.
-Color consultation
-Space planning and furniture layout (rearranging of existing furniture, addressing re-purposing opportunities, as well as reorganizing and removal recommendations)
-You will be provided with a detailed written overview of what was covered during the consultation

Package 2

An in-home visit with E-Design follow-up
-Color consultation
-Organizing strategies
-Space planning and furniture layout (with floor plan)
-Mood board to help you visualize the space (colors, furniture, accessories, lighting etc.)
-Furniture and accessory sourcing/recommendations (online), re-purposing ideas
*to be implemented by homeowner

Package 3

An in-home visit with in-person follow up
-Color consultation
-Organizing Strategies
-Space planning and furniture layout (with floor plan)
-Mood board to help visualize the space (colors, furniture, accessories, lighting etc.)
-Furniture and accessory sourcing within homeowner’s budget, re-purposing and
reworking existing pieces that brings initial concept to completion

*Implemented by Anna Schleifenbaum
**Quoted by project