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Alice Hummer

event planner, wedding planner

Alice Hummer

Bluemont, VA

Events Planned with A Special Touch

I grew up in a home with nine children and a mother and father who loved us dearly. I was the second oldest and had a lot of responsibilities. My environment formed my life. I could either sink or swim in this large family and without much thought, I chose to swim. To me that meant I either jumped into a situation and then plan the event, as was my mother’s comfort level or plan the function first and then work the plan, as my father preferred. Mom and Dad were the perfect ’Ying and Yang’ couple. I became more comfortable with planning first and working the project second. I had many opportunities to plan events from helping my siblings to my own family of a husband, three children, three grandchildren and a dog. I have been blessed many times over and feel that I am ready to become the true “Story Teller” that I am!

We did not have money for college therefore I put all my creative talents into getting married. I did and even though I married young and worked during marriage I still was able to earn 12 credits towards an English degree at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. Also, I attended workshops and various retreats and gained knowledge that supported my office work in the public schools, specifically in the Guidance Departments and Finances for approximately thirty years. My last year before retirement I became President/Chair for the Finance Technicians Group in Fairfax County, VA for middle and high school Finance Officers. One year after retirement I returned to work in the After School program as the Acting After School Specialist for approximately six months while the Specialist was on leave and still continue to serve the school on a part time basis.


HummingBee Events is a small, new, event planning company geared to organize and produce events for businesses, corporate meetings and functions; organizations; fundraisers; social and family parties; reunions; and religious ceremonies at a minimal price. All of the events are produced with a Special Touch with each client’s story in mind. HummingBee Events becomes the planner and the story teller.
• Consultation: Free two hour consultation
• Planning and Preparation Package: After being hired, HummingBee Events will coordinate the details of the event from finding services and vendors the client needs for their event or wedding up to the day of the event.
• Day-of-coordination services: Any event; business function; business meetings; party; reunion; fundraiser; religious activity; personal or social; HummingBee Events will oversee, plan, give directions, problem-solve and be available.
• Complete planning services: Includes planning the entire event and related activities. HummingBee Events personally oversees and coordinates all the activities on the day they are held and any post-event responsibilities.
• Prepare and recommend a Risk Management Package: Plans for a safe event