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Braeja Chadwick

makeup artist

Creating A Confident You

Every woman deserves to have her moment to shine and feel gorgeous. It is my mission to provide confidence and give the ability to discover your true inner and outer beauty. The key to success is self-esteem and makeup can play an essential part of that process.

My three best qualities when it comes to makeup artistry are imagination, flexibility, and interpersonal skills. My inspiration to become a makeup artist started with theatre. I was given the chance to explore unique styles of makeup. Throughout the years, I became a professional hair stylist which has given me the opportunity to work in the industry. Makeup ignited my creativity and I realized that I can make myself happy as well as others by offering my services as a makeup artist. I want you to feel as incredible on the outside as you are on the inside and my service will make this happen.


Bridal Services
Bride and Bridal Party Packages
includes makeup trial and wedding day application

Graduation Package
includes makeup trial and graduation day application

Day & Evening Application
involves a makeup application specifically for you

Cosmetic Consultation
involves advice on how best to apply makeup specifically for you

Beautifying Party
Birthday, Bachelorette, Ladies Night, etc.
involves a night of make-overs and celebration

Theatrical Services
please contact me for a consultation