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Alysha Johnson

makeup artist

Alysha Johnson

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Hello dolls! I'm Aly. I am a Stylist & MakeUp Artist from the San Francisco Bay Area.
My Goal is to make people feel beautiful & confident! I love the satisfaction I get from seeing the reaction on my clients faces after I've dolled them up! They are always so happy and confident and not to mention BEAUTIFUL! The smile on their face after seeing their transformation in the mirror is priceless. It's something that everyone should be able to experience. I am here to help everyone be their best and look good doing it! xo.

Being that I am only 25 years old, I have only been in the professional world for about 8 years. Growing up I was always that "go-to Girl". I did everyone's makeup & hair for proms or dances. Always picked out clothes for everyone to wear! Dressed up my little sisters, painted their faces with my mothers makeup. Styled and cut my Barbies hair! ...You get where this is going!
I've known I was going to be in the beauty world my whole life. I grew up in a salon! My mother was a manicurist. Beauty is in my blood!
I attended Beauty College in 2007, & even though I LOVE hair! MakeUp is my passion.


*Makeup & Hair services for weddings and special events
*Expert False eyelash application
*Editorial & Private photography
*Brow Expertise
*Beauty consulting
*Personal Styling