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Nicole Wesolowski

makeup artist

Nicole Wesolowski

Elmwood Park, IL

Flawlessly Fierce Makeup

I'm Nicky, a teller supervisor in a small town just outside of Chicago by day and aspiring makeup artist by night! ...In between daily life and my obsession with the gym, of course!

I believe that makeup doesn't make you who you are, but lets you portray a more radiant, confident you. I also believe that it can showcase a persons different sides. Bold makeup for nights out on the town...or classic chic makeup for during the day. I'm just beginning my education into expanding my makeup knowledge. I love to learn and try to emulate and master looks I find inspiring. Anything that allows for creativity to be expressed is a love of mine.♥


Currently, the services I offer are applying makeup and making you feel confident with how you look. Gossip, laughs, and good hearted you time comes with the experience! ☺