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Kathleen Saul

professional organizer

Kathleen Saul

Lanham, MD

Organizing your life, to bring you Pure Joy!

Hi. My name is Kt, and I am a Professional Organizer. I LOVE what I do. The old adage “Live to work, don't work to live” is true in my case. I have had multiple careers ranging from administration to massage therapy and have been very successful in all fields. Although there are aspects of each career I've enjoyed, I feel most fulfilled as a Professional Organizer. My specialty is residential organization. I started out with my own challenged spaces, and from the successes I had in my own home, family and friends asked for help with their spaces. I grew to realize my knack for organization and the fulfillment it brought, and decided to pursue a career in the field of Professional Organizing with the desire to help others obtain order in their lives. I have a gentle yet focused approach to completing the task to my client’s needs and satisfaction, and I take your goals and desires for an organized space seriously. We will work as a team throughout the process to create an organized, functional and peaceful space. I look forward to helping you obtain your space of Pure Joy!

I am a busy wife and mother who understands the importance of clutter-free time and space. Throughout my careers (and in life in general), I have always developed and maintained an orderly approach to all that I do. For me, it comes naturally. Furthermore, through successfully earning a certification as an Advanced International Organizing Professional (AIOP) at QC Design School, I have developed a more well-rounded approach to achieving the organizational goals set forth. It has been studied and proven that organization plays a very large role in increased productivity, efficiency, thoroughness, happiness, personal and family time, less expenses and a more peaceful environment. I have successfully helped others achieve these things and it is my goal and desire, through organization, to help you achieve these pleasantries in life as well. I have been able to hone my organizational skills over time through being in various fields such as house-cleaning, administration, massage therapy and through being a mom. Let's work together to create your space of Pure Joy!


My goal at PureJoy Organization, is to provide you with a pleasant experience in the process of de-cluttering and reorganizing your precious space and life. My approach is gentle (to respect your boundaries), focused (to help achieve your desired goals) and manageable (to help you maintain organization after we're complete).

Specializes in:
-Residential Organizing
-Space Planning
-Adult, Children & Spare Bedrooms
-Living Rooms
-Home Offices
-Bonus Rooms

Here's how it works:
Step 1: One hour (on-site) consultation
*Review your goals & desires for the designated space (as an individual, family and or business), and
*Assess the space & it's belongings

Step 2: Space Planning
*Review the PureJoy customized plan for your space (ie: timeline/duration for your project, organizational and decorative elements & solutions, final financial estimate)
*Answer any questions you may have/Discuss additional solutions (if needed)
*Designate locations for donating/distributing/discarding purged items

Step 3: Implement Plan (This is where the fun begins!)
*De-clutter space
*Distribute purged items to their designated entity/location (ie: trash, recycle, good will, needy family, etc)
*Re-organize & re-purpose your "new" space
*Develop a sensible maintenance/follow-up plan for your re-energized and organized space!
*And finally, enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Call or email to set up your consultation today and start your journey to Pure Joy!


[i]"I was desperate for help reorganizing my spare room (which had become a catch all)! Kt came in and looked at the space, jotted some things down, took measurements and asked me what I wanted out of the space. I told her I wanted it to be a spare room that could also be used as a craft spot. Kt took that information, drew up a plan for the space and came back with a clear strategy to make it all happen. I was SO relieved and felt like I was in good and capable hands! We finished on time and I am SO pleased with how the room turned out! Kt was very patient and encouraging throughout the whole process and I feel good about where all of my purged items went. I would highly recommend Kt and PureJoy Organization to anyone!"[/i]

D. Brackerr

[i]"I was so overwhelmed by all the "stuff" I had accumulated and a friend recommended Kt to me. She had just done some work for them and they were very pleased so I called her up. She was very polite and answered any question I had. When she came over to see my space, she reassured me that it would be a very doable task and I would be much happier with the space after we worked on it. She is right! I am SO happy to have an uncluttered space that is easy to maintain! Kt even offered a maintenance plan to follow up with me in case I needed any help getting used to the new organization of everything. I took her up on the offer and am now running solo...successfully I might add. The maintenance plan is very achievable! I recommend Kt with absolute confidence, to anyone who mentions they are overwhelmed by all their "things."[/i]

J. Cayman

[i]"I had just been through a divorce and was needing some assistance rummaging through some things and figuring out what was important to me to keep and what could go. I needed a new start and a second brain to think through it all. Kt came and really helped me do that! And I am very pleased with how my new space has turned out. It's fresh, it's organized and it's ME! I highly recommend Kt's services!"[/i]

D. Capella