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Heather Trim

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Heather Trim

Mississauga, ON

Chez Heather
For Your Special Day

My name is Heather Trim, currently living in the Mississauga area. I am excited to start in this business to bring my clients vision to life for one of the most important days in their lives! I have always had an interest in event planning, especially as I watched my Mother plan successful events growing up.

Although Chez Heather is just beginning, I feel that I do have the skills, passion, and drive that is needed to plan that perfect event !! I hope to take this journey with you and share in the happiness and joy.

I do have some experience in planning small events (dinner parties, birthday parties and baby showers) and all have been very successful !! I have the confidence that I will make your Wedding or Event very memorable for you.


Services Chez Heather provides:

-Free One Hour Consultation
-Theme, Palette Selection
-Pre-Wedding Party Planning (ie. Engagement Parties, Stag and Does, etc.)
-Budget Planning and Management (includes spreadsheets and updates for all involved)
-Vendor Bookings
-Venue Bookings
-Decorating Assistance
-Invitation Selection Assistance
-Wedding Cake Assistance
-Wedding Party Attire Assistance
-Wedding Day Music Assistance
-‘Day Of’ Supervision

The following are packages that are offered:

Package A – Day Of Services:

Is your wedding planned but needs supervision the day of? Relax ! Chez Heather has you covered. We will meet with you 2-4 weeks prior to the wedding to organize schedules so everything runs smoothly. My job is to worry about all the little details falling in to place and going according to schedule, yours is to bask in the happiness of your special day.

Package B – The Ceremony:

If the ceremony’s all that you need help with, Chez Heather has your back. We will make sure the event is one that will be remembered always by you and the people who shared it with you.

Package C – The Reception:

It’s party time ! Ready to celebrate one of the most special days in your life? Chez Heather understands that ! Your reception will be one that is talked about for years to come. What better way to announce to the world that you married your special someone.

Package D - Custom Coordination:

Some or most of your wedding may be planned already, but a few things are still not done. That’s why Chez Heather is here ! We can get to what hasn’t been covered yet or follow up and tweak ones that have. The Custom Coordination Package allows you to choose which aspects of the wedding get dealt with by you, or me, your Coordinator.

Package E - All Inclusive:

This package puts Chez Heather at your service for all planning, preparation, bookings, and day of services. From the ceremony to the reception we take care of it all ! This package is sure to bring your vision to LIFE.

Other Special Event Services Chez Heather offers from 2 to 50 people are:

-Dinner Parties
-Cocktail Parties
-Birthday Parties
-Baby Showers

We hope to be a part of your special occasion