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Sami Burkitt

event planner, wedding planner

'Wonderfully planned....Remembered always.'

Welcome to SamanthaJayneEvents, a unique business offering you Event and Wedding Planning services. I will provide you with everything you need to plan your special occasion whether it’s an initial consultation to discuss ideas or the whole package ranging from choosing the venue right up until the special day. To be a successful event planner you have to be extremely organised, detailed and dedicated which are all characteristics that I possess making me the perfect person to plan your event for you. I love nothing more than the feeling of creating something so special that it will give my clients happy memories that will last forever - That is something that you cannot put a price on.

I have been interested in planning peoples special events for years and understand that people don't always have the time and resources to do so themselves. They want their event to be thought about down to the last detail and for it to be something that they can happily remember for many years to come. This is where I come in. I am here to take away any worries and stress that you may want to avoid when it comes to planning an event or wedding as I want the occasion to be as enjoyable for you as you hope it to be.


Services –
1. Initial Consultation
• Firstly, we will discuss the budget that you have in mind for your event. This will enable me to know what we are aiming for and what I have to work with to create you dream event.
• After working out the budget, we will sit down together and discuss any initial ideas you have for your event. For example, would you like the event to have a running theme or just some simple but effective decorations?
• We will discuss whether or not the event will be catered. This could be anything from a small buffet or a three course sit down meal.
• Other important elements that will also be discussed during the initial consultation are activities that may be taking place, entertainment, dress code, invitations and lots more.

2. The half package
• The half package will include everything mentioned above in the initial consultation with the addition of some extra help from myself to plan your event. For example, you may only need my help with some elements of planning such as planning a reception or putting together a guest list and sending out invitations.

3. The full package
• This package has the most work involved from myself, which therefore makes it the most expensive out of all the services that I offer.
• As well as the initial consultation, this package includes everything else that is involved in planning a successful event.
• This includes choosing the venue, the caterer, decorations, entertainment etc. I will be there every step of the way, including on the day of the event, to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

If you have any questions about any of the services mentioned above, you can contact me by email or through my website.


'My daughter Sami planned an amazing surprise 50th birthday party for me. She managed to hide everything from me so well that the party was a complete surprise, as intended. She organised everything really well. The decorations were lovely and we had a really good buffet which was very varied so there was something for everyone. At the party the entertainment was a DJ who was really friendly and played great music from different generations. Overall, the party was a great success and I had an amazing time. Well done Sami.'

Hilary Burkitt

'We have been on a few girly holidays now and all of them have been organised by Sami. She always does lots of research to find us a great hotel in a central location, she finds the flights and plans all of the activities to do whilst we are there. We always have a great time and due to all of the planning beforehand, it always goes without a hitch!

Friends of Sami - Jo, Steph and Ashley.