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Vicki Blair

feng shui consultant, interior redesigner

Vicki Blair

Seattle, WA

Open the door to domestic bliss!

My name is Vicki Blair, and my mission is to help busy people with more stress than they want find balance, organization and harmony in their home spaces. That’s where feng shui and redesign come into play. Our lives are complex and busy enough. The last thing we need is a home environment that is contributing to our dysfunctions, stress and overwhelm. With redesign and feng shui, I will help you regain balance and organization with personalized style that is unique to you.


Vicki has a Master's degree in psychology, is a trained life coach, holds a certification in feng shui and is currently earning a certification as an International Redesign Professional™ through QC Design School.

Vicki left the corporate environment in 2012 and launched Aware Being Design to follow her passion for making over home spaces. While Vicki spent nearly 20 years in the high tech industry, she spent much of her free time remodeling and redesigning home spaces for herself, friends and family. Now she has turned what was her hobby into a full time career.

My personal design style is fairly eclectic. I like a mix of casual, global eclectic, and contemporary cottage. I'm also a fan of industrial rustic, contemporary farmhouse, updated traditional, and sophisticated vintage looks. And a touch of whimsy is always nice, in my book! Though I work with a variety of client tastes, it sometimes helps to choose a redesign professional who is as excited about your particular style as you are.


At Aware Being Design, Vicki offers several affordable ways to improve your home's feeling and functionality. For those located in the Seattle, Vancouver (WA) and Portland areas Vicki offers onsite consultations and manages full redesign projects.

For those who want to save some money while getting an easy, step-by-step process to follow, I recommend my redesign planning. This service takes the guess work out of the design phase of any make-over so that you can simply put it into motion to create your dream space at any budget that is right for you.

All of my redesigns incorporate beneficial feng shui space planning and home organization practices. After all, you deserve to have a home environment that is a perfect reflection of who you are while supporting what you want to do and experience in life. Your home can do that!