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Laura Pesterfield

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Laura Pesterfield


Event & Wedding Planner By Laura

Hello my name is Laura. I am 19years old. I work at Holland House Dental Surgery as a trainee dental Nurse. In my free time I look after my nephews and step daughters. I have grew up with children and know how to handle them and deal with all situations. If I could work with children full time I would. I am currently studying to be an event and wedding planner. I am a good listener and easy to understand. I'm willing to meet new people and am ready to help others plan events/weddings. Will be good to get to meet the Bride and Grooms to be. I am currently planning my own wedding. Very exciting and can't wait to get married. If there are any questions you would like to ask please feel free to contact me Monday to Friday 3.30pm - 9.00pm and Saturday - Sunday 9.00am - 9pm. I hope to see many new faces and hope to plan many fantastic weddings and events such as children's birthday parties, garden parties, milestone birthday parties and many, many more. I used to work at Playtowers Boston as a party host. I used to support and help parents with their child's party. I used to play games with them like hiding tickets and then the children going to find them and thy would get a prize. There were many more games as well. I also took food orders for the children what they want to eat. I also had to cut the cake to the amount of children that was at the party. search me on facebook and send me a message or Add me, all you got to do is type in my name and add me.