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Tami Hays

event planner, wedding planner

Tami Hays

Newburgh, NY

Blissful Dreams

My name is Tami Hays and everything in life is worth a celebration. Regardless if its a wedding to baby showers to birthdays, its all equally worth the time and effort. To make dreams come to life is the best gift you can give to someone because I believe you can only make it happen when it comes from the heart. When it comes to weddings, I take this event with great pride because you are helping two people come together to start a life on their own. This day is one of the most important days in anyone's life. With that being said I keep my mind open and ready to listen to the dreams and thoughts of people and pay close attention to the little things that mean so much to them. I'm willing to give my all and make it happen anyway possible.Give me your dreams and I will make them come true.

I come from a rough time where nothing was made of happiness. A time where everything seemed dark and almost hopeless. I made a promise to myself to be to others what I never had. So I started to notice others having issues and struggles in life or just not feel appreciated so I took it upon myself to let them know how special they are. It started with inviting people out to do things fun to get away from their issues. All of a sudden I started to plan surprise birthday parties and Christmases for those who cant afford it at the time. It made me feel great to know I had the power to make others happy. I decided to make it in a career and I want to do it for the rest of my life.


My services will include a lot of detail and help with makeup, dresses,bridesmaid dresses, decor, corporate parties, birthdays,and much more. I will do my best to ensure you the best vendors and quality.

Makeup is important in the days of the wedding. Your face is what sets the beauty of the day. Your glow lights up the room. Too much makeup or unevenness can take away from it all and hide your true beauty. Its a must to make sure your face is flawless for the pictures that will change your life. I want my brides to feel confident when they walk down the aisle. I will make sure you you have the best quality that anyone can buy. I have knowledge about makeup and will make sure you stand out. You will be the best looking bride of the century. I can help you see yourself like you have never seen yourself before

Wedding dresses are the "wow" factor of the whole night. It can be a very stressful process to go through because sometimes that one dress is the needle in the hay stack.
Every woman has her own unique shape and style. Many of us find it hard to know what that is and we lose confidence when things get rough or we gain or lose a couple of pounds. One thing I want my brides to understand, you give the dress beauty but without you, its just a dress. We all have a different shape and its hard to work with ourselves and I know this from experience. I myself have tried on dresses and its a tough job but I'm more than willing to go with you and help you feel beautiful like you already are. I will be your support system. I'm here for you, like a sister, like a best friend. There's a dress made for every bride and I will help you find yours.

Bridesmaids are the accents to bring the colors alive and to stand next to you as you change your life around.They can help the decor and the theme of weddings to "pop" and make it magical for you as well as the guest that arrive at your wedding. Bridesmaids dresses can be more difficult then the wedding dress itself because you are dealing with colors and different body types. Some dresses may look great on others and others simply just don't mesh well. Also you may deal with the people who try to stand out more than you and try to take the spotlight but I'm there to remind them its your day and you are the queen. You will be treated no less then royalty in my book.At the end of the day, I will make sure everyone is happy and make sure they are beautiful no matter what they wear.

Decor is where the dreams become reality besides the ceremony itself. It has to have the perfect lighting, the perfect flowers, and even the perfect cake. I'm a visionary so you can tell me what you dream of and I can transfer that by drawing sketches out to make sure you approve. I want you to see what I see when I look at you and the love of your life.I will make sure the vendors will have every detail your heart desires and they will do only the best.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties are fun and exciting to go out with friends and go wild before your big day. I can help with getting V.I.P. information and having it set up when you arrive. If you want to do a party in the house,in a condo, or even in a hotel room, I can help decorate and make sure everything runs a timely manner as well as everyone stays safe. I can help with goodie bags and all sorts of fun and games.

Corporate events will be planned out in a professional fashion. If you are looking for simple and sleek or a fun and wild time. I can do themed as well. All the booklets and information that you want your guest to have can be set up on the tables they will be seated at or an information booth. I will make sure caterers have all your info that's including head counts,any allergies, special requests, and surprises if food and extras are involved. Every detail will be properly taken care of

Birthdays can be a lot of fun but can be stressful just as a wedding to make sure the person doesn't find out what you are doing as well as making sure every detail is accounted for. I would love to take it all in my hands to help your ideas to come to life. I have many ideas and love fun activities to add to the night. I can help you set up and decorate if you need. Birthdays are a special day because we all have one and that day is blessed because you were born.