Ruth Clark-Clowater

professional organizer

Ruth Clark-Clowater
Highgate, ON

Get organized now - it can change your life.

Hi! I'm Ruth Clark-Clowater. Let me help you. For many years I've enjoyed de-cluttering and organizing my own home. I will work with you to reduce the stress the clutter in your home is knowingly and unknowingly causing in your life. We'll come up with ways for you to continue the processes started to keep you stay organized after I leave.

My work experience is in a industry where you had to do things a certain way & record everything. I found myself in a personal situation where I was de-cluttering & organizing my home for several changing situations. The process was therapeutic and gave me a goal to focus on.

Professional Organizers can be helpful to many people in many different ways.

Seniors downsizing from their homes going to apartments or retirement homes.
Families - moving, new additions and not enough room or just want to de-clutter.
Collectors - too much stuff, not enough room and don't know where to start.
The list goes on. It really is for everyone.


We would start with an initial evaluation so we can discuss your space and your vision for it. There is no commitment after the initial consultation. We can move forward and develop a plan of action or put everything on hold if you decide you're not ready yet. The process is about you, for you - I'm there to help you through the process and provide ideas, inspiration, knowledge and guidance.

Give me a call - let's see what we can create in your home.