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Nourouz Khattab

Nourouz Khattab

New York City, NY
+1 646 520 7449

Chic Joyful Style

Fashion Stylist based between Dubai & New York. Happiness Addict. Daring Eye for everything Stylish & Elegant

Living between Dubai and New York, these two cities have given me the privilege to have access to many eclectic styles and fashion trends. Although I don't have a professional degree in fashion, i have always loved it! My love for fashion has started at a very young age when I began daydreaming in my room about different styles & garments, and went on to draw these as various sketches to be one day designed for my family and friends. i then moved on to become the personal styling 'friend' to many colleagues and peers where i would be asked to be their stylist for the day. My passion grew stronger and I continued to apply my fashion flair to my own personal style. I have not had the chance to professionally turn this passion into a business or a service, but I know this is something that I can do and fully succeed in. Passion for this domain is what drives, the look on people's faces when they miraculously change from one look to another is what moves me, and my pursuit for elegant and classic style is what pushes me to make personal styling a major exciting element in my life.


Personal styling
style coaching
display window styling