Angela Larkin

interior decorator, professional organizer

Angela Larkin
Brisbane, QLD

Love The Space You Live In -

De-clutter, Organise, Simplify

Being a busy working mother of two I understand the need and importance to be organized. Not only do you have to have good time management but an organized house definitely makes things run smoother for everyone.

With the multitude of tasks involved in maintaining and running a home and family - having a clean, uncluttered, sorted and organized home ensures that all family members have a space not only to achieve the daily tasks life requires of us but also a space to retreat to at the end of a hectic day in a calm and stress free environment. I can help create a space you can be proud of by offering services in de-cluttering, sorting, organizing, tidying, decorating, unpacking, downsizing, rearranging, coaching.

I started my working life as a nanny where over 7 years became familiar with the inner workings of a household and what it takes to run one on a daily basis. Having had the privilege of working with over a dozen families I got a rare glimpse into how each family prioritise, organize and manage day to day routines, chores and responsibilities.

My passion to help others grew stronger, so to better understand how we work and why we behave the way we do, I studied and gained qualifications in life coaching, woman's stress management and therapeutic massage therapy.

My priorities slowly shifted and I had my own two kids, got married and focused myself on being a stay at home mum, and to stay somewhat connected to the outside word I became an AVON rep in any spare time I had.
Once my kids were old enough and in kindy and school I started cleaning houses part time.

The more I cleaned the more I began to take notice of how different families dealt with everyday objects, belongings, items of use (frequent and rarely). The different ways of folding, stacking and storing, different ways of tackling the laundry, dishes and other daily tasks. The layout and organization (or lack of) different rooms e.g.; kids bed and play areas, the home office, the kitchen and the chaotic garage. Even more so I learnt just how differently we all prioritize or lives and how differently we view and regard things as having importance over another.

My desire to organize led me to start delving deeper inside the cupboards, drawers, spare rooms (with permission of course), fueling my passion to want to help families create a space they love and want to use. And I developed a sense of style and eye to detail.


I want to create spaces that when you see or enter you instantly feel calmed, at ease and stress free. Spaces that flow and have function and purpose.

I believe that by clearing out the clutter from your home, will free your mind and lift the weights off your shoulders. Everything has its place and theres a place for everything.

We are all very unique and my aim is to help you find that system that works for you whether it be through de-cluttering and spring cleaning or moving house or downsizing, Organizing cupboards and drawers, general tidy up, or totally rearranging a room.

There is no task too small, often its the smallest change that make the biggest impact. On our initial meeting I can work with you in identifying areas of concern and visualizing the desired outcome.

I will then guide you along the way and together we can put in place an action plan to achieving real results. I can help you become aware of any patterns or triggers that might contribute to the area being a concern, leaving you with the skills and self knowledge to enable you to maintain your new improved space.

If your interested in creating a space you’ll love, please give me a call.