QC Career School

Yulia Shokhireva

color consultant, interior decorator, interior redesigner, professional organizer

Yulia Shokhireva

North York, ON

Do not allow your things to move you out of your house.

My Profession Organizer career began from my hobby. I always was excited being in Furniture and Decoration shops. Organizing my own space I have got extra time for other activities that I like. So you can see me playing ping-pong, skiing or skating, traveling. I realized that I could help people to transform life spaces that are chaotic and stressful into inviting and functional. As a Professional Organizer I will provide you with inspiring ideas and practical solutions to transform your space.

I have got education in Institute of Culture and Arts in Russia and QC Career School in Canada. Also I have 5 years experience to work with “Real estate solutions” (located in Russia) as an ergonomic estimator and professional organizer.
According to my experience I can help you to professionally refresh or build absolutely new your house life to meet all your requirements and wishes.
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De-cluttering: I’ll make your house free of clutter and will find a new usage for your aged belongs. You will have not to buy a lot of new staff.
Home /office organizing: If you can’t find things you need promptly, if you have to keep your car outside of your garage and you spend too much time for paperwork – you have just refer to me and you house will get new beautiful life. I’ll take care about any your house area organization.
I’ll help you to find optimal solutions for closets and dressers organization. I’ll transform you bedroom to excellent rest area where you’ll enjoy your life.
Are you not comfortable in your kitchen? Can’t you find ingredients required at the time? I’ll help you to keep your kitchen in excellent order. We’ll find the best solution for your problems together. Your kitchen will become your primary helper and your pride.
Are you afraid of your children playrooms? We’ll organize these rooms to funny and convenient space with multiple storage.
GARAGE/basement: If your garage and basement are full of useless (as you think) and extra things (just looks like) I’ll find a way how to make a lot of space in there for you and your family, to make some of things useful and to design smart storage system for these areas.
We’ll provide moving service to move your staff to new/another house:
1. Your things boxing and un-boxing
2. Providing the your new home space planning
3. Create and organize storage solutions
4. Your house safe and convenience area organization

You’ll be really glad to move to your new house with pleasure and absolutely no stress


I am fisherman and have a lot of fishing tackle which one I was keeping in garage and basement. During years I have collected hundreds of lures, jig heads, hooks, lines, reels, rods, sinkers, leaders and etc. for summer and winter fishing. Looks like I have everything I need, but when I was going to fish I couldn't find something I was looking for in my mess and I had to go to fishing store to buy the staff again. Yulia Shokhireva has found the way how to help me and organize my hobby. Now I have special tackle boxes with signs what is inside for winter and summer fishing separately. Thanks a lot!

Alex Kant

I had some problems with my home sewing business organization because of huge quantity of my customers. My staff scattered everywhere in my house, even in the kitchen. I have asked Yulia Shokhireva to help me to organize sewing area properly and now I have everything on designated spots in clear plastic storages and do not spend much time to find tools or materials required. Also I have inventory list with locations pointed for any piece of material I have.

Eli Pugovkin