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Tricia Clarke

event planner

Tricia Clarke

Aberdeen, MD

Life's too short not to celebrate it...

Crave Culture Events is an EXPERIENCE...
We produce and coordinate distinct and fun events with a multi-cultural twist
We create an environment where connections are made and culture is celebrated
We focus on telling YOUR story, like no-one else can!

Beyond the fancy lighting and free food there’s a shared experience that should unite us. We strive to do this through cultural celebration and appreciation.

We all have a heritage that influence’s our views, our values, our hopes and our fears. It makes us who we are. Our mission is to create unique, inclusive events that honor this heritage and ancestry and brings communities together.

Our logo isn’t about a love for pretty birds (although that’s true too!) it’s about paying tribute to the African principle of Sankofa; respecting your past as you move forward. The symbol of a bird flying forward, with its head backwards emphasizes the importance of never forgetting your cultural roots to realize a better future.

Whether it’s a special tradition passed down through your family or Spanish flamenco dancing at a company party we serve those looking for something different and memorable.


Ever been to an award show where you could predict what was going to happen next?
Or a party you completely forgot about the next day?

Cookie-cutter events are not our style.

From heritage events to authentic festivals, whether it’s to help raise awareness, celebrate your corporate identity or bring groups together, we will create something that truly reflects your vision.

When you contact us for an initial consultation we begin by learning as much as possible about you or your organization.

Then we’ll brainstorm, research, create timelines, coordinate entertainment, source unique elements, plan budgets and do everything else we can to make it a stress-free process for you and an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Our services include:

Cultural Parties and Celebrations:
Product launches
Anniversaries/Birthday parties
Family Reunions
Cinco de Mayo/St Patricks day

Corporate and Industry Diversity Events:
Exhibit launches
Embassy Festivals
Office holiday parties
Theme parties
Award shows
Client Appreciation events

Cultural Religious Ceremonies:


It has been an absolute delight to work with Tricia over the years and on so many events. Her professionalism is only matched by her congeniality. She stays abreast of the latest industry trends and always provides the best atmosphere for an event. I highly recommend Tricia for your next event.

Frank Bennett - Stone Element Entertainment (Professional DJ & Promoter)

Tricia has a unique combination of creative vision and media knowledge. She took the time to understand my needs and offered tailored solutions that produce results.

Allison Manswell - Learning & Development Expert/Executive Coach/Author

I had the pleasure of (working/assisting whatever word you think fits best) for Tricia as she planed of some community events and it was a great experience each time because she is very easy to work with, warm and passionate. I love her thoughtfulness, she thinks of the small things that matter most to people. She really gets what people want and her aura gives everyone a sense of calmness and security that everything will turn out perfect-and it does!

Dali Rivera - Owner, Maestro Blocks