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Amanda Hyde

interior decorator

Amanda Hyde

McCccalla, AL

Our homes should reflect who we are and the things we love.

I love to create spaces that are both functional, but also reflect the beauty and individuality of the persons living in them.

Hello! Welcome to my page!
My name is Amanda Hyde, I am 21-years-old, and live in the Birmingham, AL area.
I have loved creating art since I was very young. My parents were always open to allowing my siblings and myself to express our creativity, and I thoroughly enjoyed creating fun visual art as a child, and still do even now.
My Mother enrolled me in acrylic painting lessons at the age of 12, and from then, until I graduated high school in 2010, I continued studying different forms of visual art. To this day I love finding new ways to create a piece of art. As I child my family followed a strict budget, so my Mom often had the television tuned into DIY shows to glean ideas for our home. These shows inspired not only my mother, but myself as well. As I little girl, I could often (and when I say often, I mean at least once a month.) be found in my bedroom rearranging the furniture and the artwork on the walls. I was never satisfied until I could find the perfect arrangement for everything. If I wasn't rearranging furniture, I was painting a new design on the wall with my acrylic paint set. Even so, It was my high school art teacher who really encouraged my interest in the design and decorating field. She often noted that interior design would suit me as I had a natural ability to create the right flow in my artwork, and could easily choose colors and shapes that complimented each other well.
After thinking over my art teachers suggestion, and praying about the right decision to make, I knew decorating would be the right choice for me. I am so glad I made this choice!


•Comprehensive Decorating Consultations
•Color Consulting and Color Scheme Development
•Material Selection
•Furniture Selection, Arrangement, and Room Layout
•Wall Treatments