Elizabeth Fadel

professional organizer

Elizabeth Fadel
Greenville, SC

Organizing Your Chaos

I've always been a "GO TO" type of person! People know they can count on me to manage and complete any task.

Being able to visualize your project and then making sure you understand that vision, is my first priority. Multi tasking ideas, then implementing them based on your needs, is the key to your newly found organized life!

I'll provide you with clear - detailed tips for not only getting organized, but staying organized! I am passionate about using what you have available, and also happy to be your very own personal project shopper!

I believe organizing is in my genes - I have even tried to organize those a time or two!

I knew that a Professional Organization career was the right choice for my future, because of my past. I was and have always been an organizing junkie.
I realized quickly being a "stay at home mom" with a husband that was gone more then he was home, that I need to be and stay organized. Those experiences provided an excellent start for me to pursue this path!

My husband's job required us to move around - a lot! Making our way through 6 states - some twice - and 11 homes or apartments, all while caring for our two children. This became a constant way of life for me. It provided an excellent way to learn how to be creative when managing space, setting up a home, and organizing all our earthly possessions! I became a pro at dealing with many different types of spaces and scenarios - always managing to work through it until I was happy with the results. For me "Everything in its Place - and a Place for Everything" is my motto.

I was also able to learn how to eliminate or purge items as well. The choices available are many, but here are a few examples - from donating - to recycling - refurnishing - or even finding causes that may fit your personal interests.

I look forward to meeting you - and personalizing your organizing projects - big or small!

Organization = A Happy Client and a Happy Client = A Happy Life!


Specializing in:
Re-Organizing to Optimize Space
Creative Ideas for De-Cluttering
Floor and Space Planning
Organizing from Room to Room
Achieving Order